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Hello Family,
 I want to apologize to YOU! I have been going through a series of moves lately and had to undergo a health issue, please e-mail me and I will update you all. I just got in yesterday and I am already online now. I'm so happy my friend is helping with this website so lets be hopeful it looks and feels good in few days.
 I have been super busy lately too, I know just being up all night praying everyday of the week getting old! Luckly last few months I have been giving private classes and now I am ready to offer these classes to my online family and specially women in the middle east as these lessons can be in Arabic too. You will learn all about manifestations so please email me at spellsbyseba@gmail.com.
I will be getting back at you all soon I'm going to go through my emails in a bit and please keep on updating me :)
-March 17th 2015


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21st of August 2014   

Good Blessings dear visitor and friends and family,

     Thank you for stopping by my site, I AM momma Seba, a natural born hoodoo and Islamic voodoo worker. I believe the Spirit guided you to this site for a reason, there is nothing in life that is done by chance. Everything is planned and created two times. The first time in the mind of the manifestor and the second time in this physical reality, so Welcome!

    I work with many clients all over the world, I have an army of powerful strong jinns/spirits/even angels, however please notice as of August 2014 I will not be doing any dark work unless it is justified. I have also worked with my spirits to create a code work ethics for you to read and understand before hiring me. Please remember I AM also a human and I understand your problems when you come to me. I AM always ready to help, however due to the high number of demand, I decided to take a smaller number of clients each month until I hire proper help. Last year I use to take up to 26clients a month and today that number went down to 9 per month. I understand you all want help and most of you come back to me for more assistant in other different areas of life. I asked the spirits to send me a proper assistant and when that happens the numbers of intakes will increase back to 26clients per month.

    As for my waiting lists, I have cancelled all requests on the waiting lists. From now on my spells and prayer casting services are based on first come first serve basis and I will give my full attention to urgent matters and those who are willing and ready to hire me. Please remember to read the work ethics before you hire me so that we won't have any confusions or blockages on your desired outcome. Thank you for reading me, thank you for your love and thank you for your support.

I wish you love, success and perfect wealth,

Momma Seba kiss

If you are looking for a Real and Honest spiritual doctor, God has guided you to the right person.

Change your reailty change your life change your self change others bring any type of change

Miracle Worker Momma Seba

yes{Hire me as your spiritual doctor and let the healing begin}

Let me first welcome you to my website and introduce myself to you. My name is Mis. Seba aka Momma Seba and I offer REAL spiritual services to REAL people who build strong relation ties with me throughout the years.

I'm highly experienced spell caster in love matters, cleansing and court/legal issues, with many years helping people all over, casting spells has become second nature to me.

If you are here by chance or by God's plan then please take your time to look through the site, my blog and videos.

When you are ready to receive my help feel free to contact me and e-mail me at spellsbyseba@gmail please notice that all my dealings with clients are very extremely confidential. Payment method of my services can be done through western union or money gram and if you are in Canada then e-mail bank transfer is available for you.



Arabic Section:

اهلا بكم في موقع اعمال السحر الخاصة بمعلمة سِبا ، اسمي معلمه سِبا ولدى خبرة سنين عديدة فى علم السحر من فك السحر وربط وجلب وتفريق وغيره..
اختص فى اعمال الفودو المعروفة بقوتها واشتغل فقط للزبائن الجادين من خلال الانترتنت والهاتف. ممكن طلب اى عمل من خلال استشارة هاتفيا او عن طريق الايميل، عند الاستشارة وبعد دراسة المشكلة روحانياً سوف يتم تحديد المبلغ ، يتم طريقة الدفع خلال
 western union.
قد يتطلب بعض الاعمال عن جلب شعر المطلوب او اظفاره وما شبه واعمال اخري قد يتطلب فقط الاسم الكامل.للاستشارت الهاتفية يرجى الدفع اولا وهذا لتفصيل الزبائن الجديين عن غيرهم ، اما عن طريق الايميل فهو مجانا ولكن الردود محدودة لغير الزبائن، وايميلي هو



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