Collecting DNA links

Please note often times powerful JINNS AKA SPIRITS do not necceserly need the target dna. Therefore many spells may be casted with names/photos or even using the target mothername

Collecting DNA links

What are DNA links, how are they used in Magick and how to collect them?


DNA links are very important aspect of magick, a lot of spiritual doctors will agree on the importance of having your target DNA link specially in dark arts and love work.

What are DNA links?
DNA links are external links that links the magick to the target for faster effect, these links can be but not limited to: hair strands, nails, used clothing not washed, used socks not washed, used napkin, used condoms,..etc
Basically it is anything that your spell target (boyfriend/husband/wife/girlfriend..etc) that have used/touched and it is left in the same form -not washed at all.

How important are DNA links?
Very important indeed, it makes the work much easier for everyone involved from the spiritual doctor to the spirits and to the universe as a whole. The DNA links are very effective into attacking your target faster and most importantly it ensures that the energy the caster is sending it is really sent to the right person whereas using names and date of birth can be effective but not as effective as having those DNA link.

How to collect DNA links?

Listen I always tell all of my visitors and clients to not wait until problems get out of hand then ask for help so please take this information in even if you don't want to get a spell done by me, just read through and save as much DNA as you can of your currant partner for you never know when things get hot or thrown out the window. Basically it's better to be safe than sorry right, okay let me tell you how to collect these DNA links:

You have to be smart when collecting any DNA links from your target, it is really not my place to teach you the right from wrong mainly because creativity plays a big role on collecting any DNA links. With that being said here are few basic ways that I and some of my clients have collected their DNA links:

  • You can find hair in the shaving tool, just get a toilet paper fold it three time and take your target shaving tool and tap it a bit on the paper. Fold the paper again to keep the hair in place and save it in a ziplock.
  • You can collect cigarette butts of your target too, make sure you touch it with napkin so you don't mix energies.
  • You can collect foot tracks just follow your target when walking on sand and pick their foot prints put it in a zip lock.
  • You can collect hair from your target by looking at their chair at the office or car, store it in a zip lock.
  • If you live with your partner you can collect nail clippings whenever they cut their nail, you can go through the trash too if they throw it in there.
  • If someone gives you a business card then you can use that as a link too.
  • You can collect blood too, if your target get hurt or their period stuff.
  • You can collect sperm by smearing it in red cotton if its for love work/black thread for jinxing and curse.
  • Never throw a used condom of your target you can freeze it up until you need it.

Okay mis. Seba I have my DNA links ready now what?

Just keep them in a safe place make sure you label your zip locks with target name and use them when you need them. If you hire me as your spiritual doctor then send those DNA link to me and Iet me work a miracle for you :)