Terms of service & disclaimer

Terms of service & disclaimer



You must be 18years or older to use any of my services that includes a psychic reading.



Refunds and Return policy,

Unfortunately there will be no refunds nor return on all spells, custom-made spells, talisman, charms, spirit dolls..etc. You must understand that I do use magical ingredients in all spells rituals and products. Which are at times very rares and cost me a lot plus its imported from all over the world. These ingredients can not be used again, therefore I don't allow exchange nor refund of services.



Guarantees, I don't claim nor guarantee any service provided, the truth is there are no guarantees of any sort in the spiritual world. Spiritually speaking outcomes can be very unpredictable in spirit work. So don't be fooled with all the websites that offers such claims. No spiritual doctor should guarantee a conjure work,

what I can guarantee you is that I Mis. Seba will do my very best at working with you. As my client you will receive a unique authentic spiritual help that will bring the needed outcome of your problems. Once I approve working on your spell, your problem becomes my problem and I have been known to stick beside my clients and follow up with them to see how far we have reached.



Final Note,

If by all means you feel un-easy to get any of my services then please follow your heart. It's very important for me to build a relationship with my clients, I'm a root-worker at heart and I like to take people problems as mine, I like to be connected with my clients that's why all of my clients are mine for years. Once that connection is made, they don't feel the need to seek a different worker.

But if you have doubts in your heart then your killing the possibility of having such connection therefore I always advise my clients to follow their guts. If you don't like the way I say things or just don't feel right in my pages then go ahead and continue on till you feel a connection with a different spiritual worker.



Communication and connection is very extremely important between a spiritual doctor and her/his client.