Powerful Mighty Jinn Voodoo Dolls for all magical work

These Jinn spirit dolls are charged with potent powerful specific energy that have been gained after long hours of summoning and spell casting rituals, offerings and fasting.

 Dear visitor, The history of spirits dolls are rich and goes way back in time before even slavery. Some people call them voodoo dolls but the ones I make I'd call them Jinn spirit dolls. These are custom made, charged with spiritual  energy. Invoked by me with in a spiritual mean to gain specific action outcome.

 These dolls are no two alike, not in form or even contents. Each dolls has customized herbs inside that helps gain a success with a specific target. Please read more below and enjoy your achievements with these dolls.

Thank you and best of luck,

After payment e-mail spellsbyseba@gmail with your detailed situation

* No longer accepting paypal payments * Email spellsbyseba@gmail.com for payment information*

Jinn Voodoo Spirit dolls by Mis. Seba are only bought with customized order. To place an order, email spellsbyseba@gmail with your location and your actual problem. What is the problem that you want to control.

These Jinn spirit dolls may be used on problems such as:

  • Protection
  • Healing
  • Attraction
  • Controlling (lovers, sons, daughters, friends, in-laws, boss..etc)
  • Abusive Partners
  • Luck
  • Money Drawing
  • Crossing
  • Uncrossing
  • Get what you want
  • Relationships Problems
  • Confidence Enhancement
  • Success and Empowerment
  • Visions in dreams
  • Fidelity in relationships
  • Fertility
  • Wishes granting

  • Sex

& more...

 To place an order: E-mail me for payment options with your problem and location, there will be e-mails exchanged between us, I might ask you for a certain things to activate the work.  After payment and once we agree on the final outcome of this spiritual jinn doll service, there is no going back on it meaning you can't change the goal or the target once the confirmation is made between me and you.

This type of magic is beneficial and its not for kids or even the non-believers, I'm here to help and have no time to prove my self to anyone. 

Communication is a must between you and me so you understand and learn how to work and activate the spirit doll.

All types of desired targets can be addressed with these dolls, each doll made specifically for you with the right herbs, oils and spell ritual casting.

What makes Mis. Seba jinn spirit dolls unique?
  They are handily made by me using specific herbs and oils. 

  They go through unique rituals for each target. These rituals are very secretive rituals I don't share them with anyone and I have learned it from my grandfather who has learned from his line of blood and line of Jinn spirits that parallel our bloodline. One example of the ritual habit is to call out the full name of the person who I mean to control every time I run the thread around the doll.

  They come with personal instructions on how to use them and activate the spirit doll.


How does it work?

You place an order  by emailing me for payment information, I receive the payment and confirm with you E-mails exchange between you & Mis. Seba  Goal understood between you & Mis. Seba  Doll made for you  Ritual to activate the doll  Doll shipped to you in a private package marked as gift with instructions on using and activating the doll  E-mails exchange between you & Mis. Seba for support and result discussions

Since these dolls are long  lasting spells, with each doll I offer lifetime support that means you will be able to e-mail me even after your results being achieved to discuss on ways to use the spirit doll for more desired new results free of charge!

What will I receive with the doll?
A special made ritual spell service casted by Mis. Seba to activate the doll.
Every doll comes with a mixture of mojo bags, talisman or charms, incenses, candles, oils, magical perfume, pins and instructions. It all depends on your desired end outcome. Every person gets their own unique spirit  doll for their own desired outcome.

When will I receive my item?
Each item is customized for each client and since its hand made for each order, communication is very  important between the client and the spiritual doctor Mis. Seba. Most of our clients receive their dolls within two to three weeks from placing an order.

Tips on receiving your spirit dolls faster:

  • Write your goals as specific as possible (Example: I want my partner to remain faithful to me and never looks at another)
  • E-mail Mis. Seba for payment information, send payment and include your full name, date of birth and mother real name.
  • Check your e-mail and reply Mis. Seba at once.

E-mail to place an order (spellsbyseba@gmail.com) with your detailed problem and desired outcome. You can be as specific as possible.


Controling Doll $848USD
Custom Doll $777US

Jinn Spirit dolls also known as Voodoo dolls said to help to Control abusive partners. Control lovers. Control your boss. Get a rise. Get a promotion. Make yourself irresistible to the opposite sex. Have your lover love only you. Bring back a lover. Break up and end the relationship. Have a person think lustful erotic thoughts. Enhance passion and love. Summon a lover home. Enhance your chances for success at love. Stop unwanted romantic advances. Help you attract wealthy men. Stop a break up. Stop a lover from traveling. Reconcile with your lover.  And more, you can get a fully customized spell cast for your exact needs. If you have any questions, I can be reached at spellsbyseba@gmail.com

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