Spiritual Cleansing: Break Black Magick

Change your life, change your luck today
Break any curse even old black magic curse!
Spiritual Cleansing = Breaking black magic = Healing all even Jinn problems 



Are you out of luck?

Do you suffer from negativity in your life?

Do problems seem to always find it's way to you?

Do you sometimes feel like maybe someone has cast an evil spell on you (Hex, Curse, Evil Eye..) ?

Nothing is going the way you wanted to in your life?

Do you have a black magic laid on you?

Do you suffer from Jinn problems?

If any of the above questions have reflected on you then try Mis. Seba cleansing package today.


Spiritual cleansing is a very important aspect of spirituality and it can handle any problem at hand. Many of us come from different religions and backgrounds but most of all religions on earth recommend and believe in spiritual cleansing.

The act of spiritual cleansing by itself can remove any negative block from your life, wither that negative block is an evil eye, black magick, curse or a hex. Any crossed condition can also be removed with spiritual cleansing.

There are many forms of spiritual cleansing spells and ritual but I have always believed the best is when my client takes a 7 day spiritual bath while I cast a cleansing spell on their behalf.

All of my cleansing clients immediately find themselves lighter and changes take over their life within the third day of their cleansing package.

 What makes my spiritual cleaning different than any other spell caster can offer you, is that I handle each cleansing package by myself and create it with my own prayers adding to it certain herbs that each herb spirit has been prayed with your name. The spiritual cleansing bath is also mixed with my very own home-made oils that are powerful enough to remove any evil and bad luck out of your life.

Again I have seen many clients go through amazing changes with my spiritual cleansing package, making it my number 1 best seller item of 2012+. I highly recommend anyone who is ready for positive changes in their life to go ahead and order this spiritual cleansing today.

Please e-mail me at spellsbyseba@gmail.com with your order request and allow me to create your spiritual cleansing bath, based on my spiritual reading I will check if you need 7days bath or 9days bath all with the same price. After payment, it takes me 2days to ship your cleansing package to you with instruction on how to use.

OFFER ENDED:I have also reduced the price of this package for a limited time taking 75% off the original price, simply  because I want everyone to be able to afford it and I am happily including my love attractor bath bag for FREE which is widely known to make people desire you – want to be near you and favor you.

I know your life will take a great beautiful shift after using my spiritual bath and I will be more than happy to add your testimonial to my Client Care Center and here too. Be blessed.




Buy Spiritual Cleaning Package, your order will include: 

  1. Spiritual psychic e-mail reading by Mis. Seba to see what is causing trouble in your life and who is causing it.
  2. A customized spell casted on your behalf by Mis. Seba to take off any evil out of your life, casted for 7days.
  3. A spiritual bath that is sent to you to finish the cleansing. 7days or 9days bath with Mis. Seba Real handmade incense with charcoal tablet and instruction on use. 


E-mail spellsbyseba@gmail.com for e-mail bank transfer information.

Payments can also be made through Western Union or money gram.

EMAIL FOR INFO: spellsbyseba@gmail.com