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If you are looking for a Real and Honest spiritual doctor, God has guided you to the right person.

Change your reality change your life change your self change others bring any type of change

Miracle Worker Momma Seba


yes{Hire me as your spiritual doctor and let the healing begin}

Let me first welcome you to my website and introduce myself to you. My name is Mis. Seba aka Momma Seba or just Momma and I offer REAL spiritual services to REAL people who build strong relation ties with me throughout the years. I AM like the mother they never had, I defend my clients, I fight spiritual battles on their behalf and I work miracles in their lives. My clients always ALWAYS come back to me, because I give ’em the truth and show them real power and real changes in life.

I’m highly experienced spell caster in love matters, cleansing and court/legal issues, with many years helping people all over, casting spells has become second nature to me.

If you are here by chance or by God’s plan then please take your time to look through the site, my blog and videos.

When you are ready to receive my help and to hire me as your own spiritual doctor then please feel free to contact me and e-mail me at spellsbyseba@gmail mail
please notice that all my dealings with clients are very extremely confidential.
Payment method of my services can be done through western union or money gram and if you are in Canada then e-mail bank transfer is available for you.


Arabic Section:

اهلا بكم في موقع اعمال السحر الخاصة بمعلمة سِبا ، اسمي معلمه سِبا ولدى خبرة سنين عديدة فى علم السحر من فك السحر وربط وجلب وتفريق وغيره..
اختص فى اعمال الفودو المعروفة بقوتها واشتغل فقط للزبائن الجادين من خلال الانترتنت والهاتف. ممكن طلب اى عمل من خلال استشارة هاتفيا او عن طريق الايميل، عند الاستشارة وبعد دراسة المشكلة روحانياً سوف يتم تحديد المبلغ ، يتم طريقة الدفع خلال
western union.
قد يتطلب بعض الاعمال عن جلب شعر المطلوب او اظفاره وما شبه واعمال اخري قد يتطلب فقط الاسم الكامل.للاستشارت الهاتفية يرجى الدفع اولا وهذا لتفصيل الزبائن الجديين عن غيرهم ، اما عن طريق الايميل فهو مجانا ولكن الردود محدودة لغير الزبائن، وايميلي هو


About Me

“I do what I love and love what I do but most importantly I’m very extremely good at it“

-Mis. Seba

My spiritual beginnings

I began my journey as a spiritual psychic when I was a very young child, I’d say it all really started when I was six years old. I use to have dreams and visions of people and things before they would take place.

My grandfather started guiding me on my path, he was a spiritual healer, and I was his favorite first grand daughter. I would always accompany him at an early age for his spiritual visits. He would take appointments in his house and sometimes in the clients house. Most of these visits would be for exorcism, at an early I didn’t try to make sense of things, they just came to me with ease.

My parents got split up when I was only ten, I knew it was coming but that had a big impact on my life as a child and on my spirituality as a student. My mother gave me up to my father, who gave me up to his parents. There my real spiritually grew as a healer, my grandparents made sure I was doing all I can after school to learn about religion and Magick.


They came hand in hand, to my grandparents there is no powerful Magick without powerful faith. And it all was about knowledge. So I was enrolled in Quran school beside my normal school and then the home schooling where I learned how to make my own spiritual ink, charms and work with animals and spirits.

Secrecy was very important in the craft, I was never allowed to show people how I do my spells or even talk about my dreams. My grandparents taught me how to respect the spirit world, they don’t like to give gifts to those that share the secret. And by the secret I mean the spells, the formula of talismans and charms. They were my identity yet so unique that I wasn’t able to share it or talk about it until I reached my maturity. It was a pact, I had to respect it but everyone knew I was the chosen one after my grandfather death. It’s a rule of thump in middle east that the favorite child of the spiritual doctor will take over all his/her powers and continue on with it.

My grandfather passed away when I was 23years old, it took me three more years from than to accept my destiny and allow my gift to heal and help other people situations. Before that, it was only me! I only did spells for myself: bring lovers to me, driving certain people away from me, winning cretin jobs I always dreamed of, bringing ill toward those who hurt me. Basically I controlled my life, and I had fun doing it.

The more I tried to make spirituality my part-time life and sometimes hidden life, the more I felt something was missing in my life. I mean I got all that I desired in reality but inside me I felt disconnected. I loved doing spells so much and reading people more than I loved living the martial world. It was so clear that my calling in life was made and shown to me at an early age. But I ignored it, coz I wanted to fit in with everyone else. I didn’t want to lose my friends, if they knew I was a witch!!! I didn’t want to lose the new life I created for my self away from my land.

But how long can a human live a lie? Mine didn’t last much, I had to give in to be free. Now that I’m a full time spiritual doctor, I have never been happier. I do services after consultations, I am always connected to my clients. I take them as friends simply because I extend a hand to help them, they come to me with faith and trust and I pay that trust back with my faith and my knowledge.

It has been over 20years and more since I learned my life calling. I’m available to help others worldwide through this cyberspace. So feel free to ask for you will receive what you ask for.

Be blessed,
Momma Seba

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