The Guide to Speed Your Results

The Guide to Speed Your Results

Hello Family,

Here I share with you my guide and system on ways you can speed up your results. I know that you hired me to bring you fast results but also believe it or not Magick is a strange source and it works in ways no one can explain it but we all know it is there so here I will tell you how to speed up your results but i will not tell the why this simple steps work and do really speed up the manifestation of your work to reality realm sometimes even to few days or amazingly in matter of hours.

Magkic my family and friends are a two way street meaning if the caster works the desire and also the person who seeked caster also focus on the desire intentionally then all the energies will work in harmony which in turn makes the forces all stronger, forcing change in the universe and in our reality to shift and become one.

What I am trying to say the client has to have the same heart, the same soul of the prayer they asked at first, please this is important and it's easily done through following this guide. So take notes and keep reminding your mind about these steps all the time, this is your key to bringing faster results to your problem once I tell you I started working you must start doing these steps if you want your work to manifest faster, get in harmony with your intent of hiring me and the reason behind it and finally get in harmony with me. Lets join forces and make this happen faster.

although at some rare cases where there is low rate of success in changing the reality then click here to see why and how to unstuck your situation with my unstuck conjure work. Good luck to you, remember the words below are important to follow so start taking notes:

  1. Strong Powerful Faith!You must have strong blind faith in the work and in magick, you must send me energy of faith and this is easy by just remaining positive, I know in love magick to remain positive is hard specially if you are broken up and your trying to bring the ex back, love magick involves a lot of emotions that's why its hard for love spells clients to remain positive. When such a problem occurs one must remind themselves why they want the person to cast a spell what is your reason. When you connect your brain to the reason again you remember you must have blind faith. In the spirit world they don't work with prove me and I will believe concept no. The spirits they all apply the concept believe in them and they will never ever let you down so please remember this is key number one always have blind strong faith in magick and in the work you agreed for me to do on your behalf.


  2. Ask your guardian angel spirit to support your desire. Angels are all around us, even though I always work with spirits lately I have started working with angels and let me tell you this secret: angels come through to EVERYONE!!!
    You don't have to have experience to get an angel to help you out, as long as the call is semi clean they will come. We are talking about guardian angels here not the Hollywood ones, guardian angels are type of jinn we are all born with, they have the ability to be good jinns or bad jinns or in between but they are your guardian and they follow and live and stay with you until the day you leave earth well anyways I will talk about them more later but for now these guardian angels are available to you and they are also what some will call your higher self. Anyways they can change and there are some things you can do to make them stronger and I talk more about that in my upcoming mentorship programs.
    If you pray to your guardian angel in your mother tongue you will get the blessing of that guardian, ask your guardian angel it to understand how your heart feels and yearns for this matter or this wish or desire. 

    An example: if you desire your ex to come back then first connect to your love feelings of your ex and then start praying to your guardian angel share that love energy and i am talking about love feelings so think first good memories of you and your ex and see it alas if you are a courtcase client see yourself winning the case or see an image of whatever your end solution you need. See this picture that makes you feel good or made you feel good before and why you want this feeling in your life now, the key point here before you say this prayer i need you to FEEL good high vibration frequency or better, When you are ready you can use this prayer or something similar in your first language:
    "Dear my guardian angel please I call you out I need you hear me out, if you allow to guard my spell request in the spiritual realm and support it manifesting in my life in all possible means the known and the unknown by the power of Spirit, Amen."


    Now don't underestimate the above prayer it is a strong power one I got it personally from my master guardian angel so I know for a fact if used with the right technique above then IT WORKS! period.

  3. Act like the results are already delivered. 

    Spirits we said they work on "believe then I will prove you" mentality concpet right, so be smart about this step if your mind has any doubt kill it because every doubt is a negative energy and I don't care if you hire me to bring you the strongest spirit to bind someone for you or bring your ex back even strongest spirits are controlled with energies. Prayers and magick is all energy work and the whole universe is energy based. It is true, we are all one so you must be careful of what goes on inside your mind, any doubt thought you hear lift it and banish it and replace it with love and faith and trust. Tell your mind we are in control and you trust your guardian and you trust me as matter of fact say you trust everything in your life, remain positive and pretend like if it happened you wont worry yourself because in your head it has happened long time ago when you asked your guardian angel to help you.


    Act with the knowing that you are in control of the situation now, wither its the courtcase problem love problem or even cleansing act like you are in control of the problem it is done deal everything is OKAY.


  4. Shhhh don't tell a soul!, this is an important rule even with modern magick, again we are working with energies and thoughts are also energies and spirits/angels/jinn feed off energy too. Secrecy means no one hears or knows about your spell so they don't feed any energies to the spell. Remember how I told you send love or good feeling to your guardian angels by thinking love or good memories. Thoughts are energies and if you tell anyone about your spellwork then your sliming your own chances of manifesting it fast unless your guardian angel told you otherwise but to know and communicate with your guardian angel you must go through my mentorship program for now I will just tell you it's better to be safe then sorry so hold off sharing this spell work with anyone until you are happy with your results or better.


  5. Pray pray pray, prayers are extremely important pray for protection if you hired me to break your magick or to hurt an enemy. If you hired me for love then pray to yourself that you love yourself. If you hired me for courtcase then pray for white light around you and your angels all the time. You can pray in any language and it can also be simple what we are doing here is keep a good flow of feeling good energies around you by praying so you remain positive which is our final key.
  6. Stay and remain positive even if you hired me to hurt an enemy you must remain positive to continue this flow of energy to your spell work and your guardian angel. Keep yourself busy doing things that make you feel good and start changing your mind thoughts from bad to good, feel good no matter what keep praying to whoever you pray even a simple line or two you will feel and shift your mind from lower level energies to higher. This higher shift will feed your intent of this spell and the end results and bring this shift and change into reality faster.

    How to remain positive by affirmations, you can use affirmations here and here is one way of using it but the sky is the limit and you can google more about positive affirmations:-

"Everything is well in my life, I am happy all the time"

"Everything that happens to me is a blessings!"

"Good things happen to me all the time"

"I am happy, I am positive I bring happy and I bring positive"


If you follow these keys then you can bring faster manifestation with your spellwork, and if you want to take it a nudge or two into creating a good powerful life for yourself join my personal mentorship program and start shifting and changing your life completely and forever unlock your spirituals power with growth and magick.