Open Space

Open Space


5 open space for JAN, 2017

Why take limited number?

My life as a spiritual doctor is extremely busy. Every year I have more clients and my old clients don't seem to want to leave me alone *No*Offence* always coming back for other desires they wish to obtain. I try to be fair and make room for online clients if it says zero please e-mail me to be included in my waiting list.

I have been known and still known to bring results, my magick spell system is a mixture of Arabic voodoo, hoodoo and witchcraft. I am also a two sided witch, meaning I do blessing/love/cleansing work while I also do cursing/jinxing/enemy destroy work too. I have always been taught in my life that "In order to heal one must be good at cursing"

Please understand I don't waste a lot of my time on people who are not my client that being said I will only reply few of your emails, I also don't take people who come back to me after I rejected them the very first time. If I turn down your case/problem, then please don't bother me with e-mails ever. I have the right to choose which problem I will fix and which I don't want to work with.

And if you don't hear from me for 7days that means I refuse to work on your problem could be time limit problem or my spirits have rejected fixing your problem with me.

How does the open spaces work?

I like to take a limited number of clients each and every month, based on what type of cases I work on that month sometimes I just would take 7 clients for every month and other times 10 or 15.

So there is no specific number to reach every month, it's all based on my monthly readings and on the cases that I am working on at the moment.

 I always update the open spaces on my main page and here for new clients only. My currant clients already have the higher priority on my list, I read their e-mails first and always keep in touch with but however I also leave some room for new clients.
In this page you will find out if I have room, if I'm closed I'm sorry you can always e-mail me your case and I can get back to you when I make some room for new clients.

Casting spells and doing magick is my living skill and since I am doing it all by myself, I really like to keep my mind clear and give more than 87% to my currant clients until the case they came to me with has been solved for me to open a spot for a new client.

This is how I work, so if you really need a SERIOUS help from me than know that I don't start your work and leave you hanging, I will see you through your problem, e-mail you and make sure we are in it together and never leave you until your case is solved and only then I will e-mail you saying I'm closing your case and asking you gently to write me a testimonial and a review of my service.

If there is open space, e-mail me your case problem that you need help with:-

  Please ALWAYS allow 1-2 business days to respond to you 


You <–Trust –> Me <–Faith –> You <–Solution –> Me