Public Letter Announcement

There is a page floating on the web that has been posted by a male who has a spell casting business, I would not call him a competitor to me he is garbage like my sister would say he offers in between services. This person and myself came into disagreement, he claims I stole his customers I did not, they came to me asking me about stuff and I shared my knowledge it was not my problem that they left him in the first place.

so to shorten the story he went and posted something silly on the internet site, I contacted the website people that this report is false none of the two comments are my clients NONE so it was made up.

The website owners asked me to pay them 2,000$ for them to look into it without any promises. If this act is not a fraud in a broad day light than I don't know what is.

I don't care for what's there on that page anymore, I know myself very well and know my knowledge depth. I know I am one of the few real practitioners of the occult online. I have been doing this by birth and not by choice.

Everyone who knows me knows in real-life knows that I didn't go to any crazy school for my magick knowledge, what an awful thing to say about someone. the original poster wrote that "Mis. Seba is still a student in magick"

Student my a** (Sorry for my language I am clearly upset lol) I was born in MIDDLE EAST  in a family line of MAA'LAMS (Which translate to teachers/ spiritual and herbal witch doctors). People from many different countries flew to meet my grandfather for his wonderful miracle treatments, by birth it was passed down to me. Even though I was a woman, my grandfather favored me too much to pass his jinns and the knowledge down to me. So it was my birth right to become one with the MAA'LAMS and since then I have become a Mualaa'ma (Spiritual doctor).

My grandfather started teaching me this amazing art maybe when I was 9 but he took me before that to most of his Quran treatments he had the ability to take jinn's off humans and cure possessed victims. I was blessed I never regret being a spiritual witch doctor, I know people look at me differently and see me in a weird way but this is me and I was born into this to carry out the gift and share it with others. This is my soul highest purpose.

I also know a lot of people who do not understand that it is okay and it is normal to charge a fee for this gift with the world. Casting spells is a gift just like any career a person would be good and gifted at. If you are a spell caster then be proud of your true self and show that pride by allowing others to be themselves too. Do not go and post an evil fabricated lie about me!

Just because you see I am doing well, it doesn't mean my wellness is a threat to yours, we should all combine forces to make LOVE a better awareness of this planet Earth instead of hate. I don't even understand!!!  There is so much wealth and prosperity in my world for everyone. There is no threat nor competition in my world only creativeness & so it is.

I do not need to justify anything to anybody since I know myself. Furthermore, anyone that tried and tries to hurt me will get their share by my family spirits and jinns.

And for those who want to believe in these report than you clearly do not know me in real life, I am the daughter of my father who is the son of my grandfather. The blood that runs in me is highly respected in the spiritual world, I deal with serious clients, I have healed MANY who followed me. The spirit in you knows my truth, you sense my power when you reach here to my page. When you see my videos you know I am real. When you contact me you know I am worth the time. When we speak in phone you rest on my voice. I am not the flame that burns you but I am the light that heals you.

I do not need to steal anybody's money, my background is from the Middle East I am very highly blessed with honesty and the wealth of life runs in my blood and I offer my services to all and do help with payment plans. I ask you to raise your awareness and open up to the energies around you, feel my truth and embrace it and let me guide you spiritually.