Bring back your ex-lover

Get your ex-back spell




PRICE: 550-650 USD

So your ex left you??

No problem, let Momma help you get back your ex in 30days or less. No bad karma or bad guilt :)

heartFirst come first serveheartwaiting list is closedheart PLEASE NOTICE I GET A LARGE NUMBER OF EMAILS DAILY AND REQUESTS. Therefore heartkindlyheart heartbe patientheart and I will only pick clients with whom My JUJU Spirits bring to MEheart
PLESE read through the site before requesting any of my spell casting service. All of my spells are very real and a lot of them are not reversable so PLEASE KEEP THAT IN MINDheartheartheart



I DO NOT BREAK ANY OF MY SPELLS do not ask me to stop a spell after purchasing. ORDER with your own responsibilty.

Blessings my family,

 Heartbreaks are pretty bad and hard to deal with, if you were in a relationship and it didn't work, your lover is gone and you now want that lover back then let me land you a hand and bring him/her back to you in 30days with my signs showing up in 3days of starting this spell. The signs will grow slowly that in 30days your ex will be completely back to you.

 This spell is designed in a safe way and manner, no backfired energy involved or even bad karma if you believe in karma. This is a karma safe treatment package. This treatment is done in 30days, spells will be casted for 30days and even when your ex-lover is back before the end of the 30days period I will still continue the work.

 Nothing makes me more happy than to help lovers unite, a lot of workers hate this type of work simply because dealing with love problems clients is very sensitive in nature. People come to me to bring back their ex-lover or ex-friend, when dealing with someone with a broken heart one must be gentle and positive during the treatment.

 People get their lover back faster when they are positive and when they don't over obsess on the spell, this is a real good advice I am giving you before you even buy any spell to bring a lover you must understand the law of Magick; Positivity and letting go of dwelling in the problem.


A recent client of this treatment package testimony:
"I was facing one of the worst times in my life, my boyfriend left and everything was going wrong for me. I didn't know who or where to turn to I was hopeless I was praying for a miracle. One day out of no where I met this girl through a friend that heard my story and told me she knew someone that could help me. At this point I was ready to try anything. I then got in contact with momma seba and she has turned my life around drastically in a very positive way. She always told me what I had to do and what I should expect from her work and everything she told me to do I followed which then lead to success with her work. Within a month after she started her work on me I started to see changes, he came back to me!!! She is the real deal, she is a true blessing and you can have what you want or need. It's so amazing when you see what you want is coming true. Thank you Momma Seba you have changed my life in the most amazing way.
Anonymous "


 The treatment spells:
This treatment package includes the following work, each casted and prayed on for seven days minimum:

Broken Heart Reversal Spell:
This spell will reverse all negativity between you and your ex, it will also repel people who are against the relationship and it will clear all that negativity away and take any third person against the couple away too.

Come Back To Me Spell:
This spell works on pulling your ex-lover feelings toward you, bringing him/her back to loving you and wanting to be with you and craving you.

Stop New Communication:
This spell will make sure your ex-lover path of communication with other women/men rivals are blocked, your ex-lover wont be able to talk to new people or form a new relationship. Things will not work out with anyone new, the new person will lose interest in your ex so fast which ensure that your ex lover is thinking of you only.

Come & Stay With Me Spell:
This spell is similar with the come back to me, only difference is that this spell will ensure he/she stays with you and remain faithful wanting a strong and honest relationship between you two.


Contact Me and Dream of Me Spell:
Time to work on your ex-lover head to make them think of you 24/7 and dream you in their sleep.

How does this work?
I work with nature and fire spirits in this treatment package they are gentle yet powerful enough to change your life in 30days. The spells above for this treatment will be casted in seven days each, sometimes the spirits will show me signs and ask me to do more casting on a certain spell. Example: If the spirits show me you have a strong enemy between the two of you and more reversal work is needed then I will recast for another extra seven days.
Communication is important between me and you (my client) please e-mail me constantly to check on the spirits signs and the progress. Do not worry payment is a one time thing with this treatment additional recasting will be done freely.


How long will this work take?
30days unless the spirits show me otherwise.


How to make a payment?
This package treatment is 550-650 USD
Payment can be made through western union/money gram or electronic email bank transfer for Canadian customers.

When do you start the spell if I purchased it?

I start the same day/night of payment or next day if I AM busy.

E-mail for the payment information.


Do I need DNA links for this treatment?
DNA is optional in here.