There are many methods of payments available for new and returning clients, read this page carefully before you choose your method of payment.

Paypal Payments:
You can use paypal to make a payment for your spell-work  please notice all paypal payments will take 3-4days for me to process  Therefore allow 3-4days to start/ship your package.

Payment with paypal can be done through paypal purchase buttons in the site or through customized paypal button sent to your e-mail.


MoneyGram Payments:
You can send money through MoneyGram, payment information can be requested through e-mail.
All MoneyGram transfers are safe and payments done through MoneyGram will be delivered instantly. Which allows Mamma Seba to start your work immediately.
Payment with MoneyGram:
Mamma Seba sends you the receiver information –> You go to MoneyGram to send your payment using the receiver information or via MoneyGram website –> You e-mail Mamma Seba with the control number transfer and the full name of sender & location —> MamaSeba sends notification of picking up the payment and time to start your work!




E-mail Bank Transfer:

Email bank transfers can also be used for clients in Canada & Asia, Payment information will be sent to you, you then can take it to the bank or transfer the payment to Mamma Seba e-mail address. This option of payment, spells will be cast once the payment is received usually not more than 2days.

Payments through these three options are all safe, some countries are not able to use paypal therefore MoneyGram is very much advised or  e-mail bank transfers for same day work start.

Payment Plans:
Payment plans are available for all services that Mama Seba offers. To arrange a payment plan e-mail

Payment is made one time only, in full amount, and clearance and protection are always included in the price.

My success rate is VERY EFFECTIVE, no mistakes nor errors. I Create Wonders and Miracles for many to experience, live and see.

The prices of my spells are $400 (usd) and up, depending on the wishes and complexity of your case.



REMEMBER: I am a serious spell caster for serious people only. No time wasters!

My services are real and so is my work and effort into fixing your problem and manifesting your desired outcome.
Due to high rate of incoming clients, all of Mama Seba services are on first come first serve basis (Waiting list is CLOSED)