Love Spells Clients

Love Spells Clients

Clients of love spell work have it worse, I know trust me not only because I work with love spells a lot but also because I myself do fall in love therefore I have the experience first hand. After choosing your spiritual doctor, you must first choose someone you trust 'coz trust is important in these type of work. The words below are for my clients whom are under my love spell work area so please keep an open mind and heart.

Dear bring back my ex client,

It is very hard to be broken hearted I know and now you came to me to bring your ex back, no problem I say. But what I don't understand is that why when I told you to be nice to your ex, you still choose to be mean and bitchy. Sorry but that is the truth, I am blessed with many women clients then men so I am telling you from my experience. I have more then 35 love clients only this past 3 months who i worked so hard to bring their ex back to them but every time the ex call or text them my client holds on to anger and become mean.

Okay listen, this ex-lover left for a reason and if that reason is not fixed he will leave again. Now a lot of women -no offense i am a woman too- are mean, rude and angry!!!! I don't blame you, men are dogs -sorry men!- but seriously have some mercy on me, I work hard for you to bring this boy back to you why on earth when your ex-lover comes back you are rude/angry. Let the past be the past. If you paid me your hard earned money to make me put my time and energy on a spell to reunite you with your ex then please by all means be nice even if it means you must swallow your ego and your pride and the past and the cheating…etc Because you paid your hard earned money for me to bring him back you must take him back with LOVE/KINDNESS. No ex-lover is going to be your slave all at once all over again, things take energy and time so let me work your spell while you work your attitude.

If you can't seem to be sweet or nice to your love then honey you need to work on yourself, see where the root of the anger is, maybe let me heal you but whatever it is you gonna do you must remain sweet for the bring your ex to stay.


Dear tie your partner sexual nature client,

You have it easy now so you must relax, the work is done so put your faith in the work. There is no point of you paying me your hard earned dollars to fix your partner sexual behavior when after the work you spy around and accuse your partner of cheating, Seriously! Did you ask me to take his/her nasty ways away so why snoop and why accuse. Let the spell work work, don't have doubts with magick you must have faith and blind faith we are talking about 'coz if you have no trust in the work or the spirit then the spirit will pay your doubt with doubt. Ain't no spirit has time to prove you wrong, spirits are playful so please keep your faith strong it will never lie.

And for my clients of making your love obsessed by you?
First let me tell you I feel sorry for you, my heart is with you because this spell is not a joke, this spell requires you not to contact your target at all it is very dark magick and uses hell spirits which i send to your lover to make him crazy and restless without you so he will indeed come to you and fall under your feet. Now these hell spirits are happy to be out of hell and they can come to torture you too if they find you weak/vulnerable so please cleansing bath is a must every day the easiest one is salt bath if you have herbs then use hyssop herb and rue just added to the water, also keep yourself strong find a guy on the side go out on dates so you can think less but seriously all the thinking and the dreaming and the strong feeling you get to call your lover PLEASE do not call him or the spell is broken. All these dreams and feelings are from the dark hell spirits they are not from you just remind yourself this and get a salt bath, do your cleansing and do something with your time. What are you feeling is half of what he is going through trust me okay.

Dear make someone love me client,

You must remain friends with your target but don't stalk 'em! How do you expect someone to fall for a stalker, yes we do spell work but your actions CAN and WILL destroy all my effort so please understand you must remain friends in a healthy way, i work on target to come and love you but you must be loveable and have a loveable personality this is old news just love yourself while I work on bringing this person to love you only then real magick happens but if you continue with ugly personality I'm sorry even the devil can't stay with you so please SELF LOVE is important in this type of work.

Remember faith is important in any prayer same of it is important in any conjure and spell work, if you have no faith in the work then i swear it won't work just don't waste my time and waste your money hiring me when you think i can't help. I work only for clients who need me and who have faith in me and my work that is what makes me different and makes me have higher rate of success with a lot of you!

Secrecy is also important as much as faith you must keep your spell work a secret, with magick the spirits love mystery that is why it is not our job to know why the spell worked or even to try to understand the hows and analyzing the whole thing. With magick you must understand spirits, they love hidden mystery and they want to remain hidden so keep the news of you getting a spell work to yourself do not even tell your best friend.

By respecting the spirits and not sharing your news with others in turn the spirits respect your request. Another reason why must we all keep spell work a secret is to avoid people with negative thoughts about magick to send their negative thoughts about the spell to the universe. These negative thoughts are energies since thoughts has been known in science to be energies and so negative thoughts are energies and spell work produce spirits with energies, you don't want any negative thought energy to clash with what i am sending out now do you?

Another tip I can give you is to trust the work know deep down your gutt that it is done and it's only a matter of time if not seconds for you to receive what you asked for. When you put 100% faith in me and in spirits they always show up with your desire and be like "There you have it" So please keep your faith strong as strong as your WiFi signal *laughs*

Don't over think spells, spells are not meant to be taught on, ever since ancient times spiritual people always did one thing and that is they forgot about the spell they casted. You must allow the universe to manifest your desire and your desire will never get a chance to get manifested if you cry/scream and shout about your desire. Just let it go.

I always advise my love clients to start doing something with their time, get busy so you can stop thinking about the guy for a while. Go date other men, it is okay don't worry I am bringing him back to you -promise but for now go out and play, have fun and enjoy life. But also remember that once this person is back for you to be kind hearted and nice to your target okay but meanwhile enjoy life. Sign up for classes you've always wanted to take, go work out, sign up for dating websites…etc the list is long but you get my drift.

Stay positive, never have a single doubt in your head or even cry about a spell staying positive is important so try to remain positive you can also do some mirror work, look at yourself in the mirror everyday and night before bed tell yourself how beautiful you are and that everyone loves you and that you know your target loves you and will come back to you tell yourself "You will see" this type of self work allows your subconscious mind to relax and to think positively. Many clients say its hard to remain positive when you are sad missing someone, please if your a woman understand that men are dogs plain simple okay, you must take care of yourself he will come back to you that's why you hire me but please continue on with life do something else beside beating yourself and crying then why hire me, relax after you hire me. I know it is hard to remain positive because negativity started from the deep subconscious and mirror self love work kills that negativity try it and things will change in a week or two -i promise you this.

I will add more tips and advise in here so please come and check every week OKAY, stay positive, be kind, be loveable, enjoy life, love yourself and trust in me.