The jinn love spells (Dajinn)


* "According to legend, the djinn were the first inhabitants of this world, where they lived for thousands of years before humanity arrived. In order to make room for humans, angels took the djinn out of this world and placed them in a dimension that parallels our own. There they stay hidden from our view. They have the ability to see and interact with us, but we have difficulty seeing them. They are cloaked in mystery, and it suits their covert purpose."

Dajinn are a type of spirits known to be powerful spiritual creatures that came after angels and live a parallel world with humans. These creatures have interacted with the Arab culture deeply. It has been claimed by the Arabs that the pyramids were made with the help of the Jinn Summoning Magic (aka Dajinn).
Dajinn has always been sought on for granting wishes, just like humans some jinn are good and some are evil and tricky. Today just like million years ago the jinn can be invoked for spells, healing work and curses. Dajinn magic is a mixture of long rituals that take hours to summon the jinn spirits/trap them and force them on a target request.
Genies invocations do take long hours if not days for the ritual to be done properly using ancient spell casting techniques with talisman drawing and herb work.

Custom Dajinn spells can be asked by e-mail



Hello dear future client,

I love jinns, I mean without them I wouldn't have learned much about Magick. You all know my background originally is Arab African and all the years I lived in Arabia I learned a lot about the jinn, experienced them and made deals with them.

Dajinn are known to grant wishes if asked in proper way and kindly. With the right tools and the right bribe from the witch, Dajinn can become a slave for a spell to ensure that the spiritual witch gets all that he/she asked for. I also offer Charms and Dajinn custom dolls for custom spells.
Thank you and best of luck,

 Momma Seba



Most of the Dajinn Spells include a Talisman and/or a protection charm, shipping fees will be added at the checkout and shipping address will be needed.
You can ask for any charm with these spells, just e-mail ( after payment and request a specific charm (Example: I need a charm/talisman to help me lose weight/ward off evil eye/win a test..etc).
All of the items will be shipped to you in a discreet package marked as a gift.

These spells includes:

  • FREE Protection Cleansing Ritual :- A lot of my clients come to me after going through different spells from different website which hasn't done them any good really that's why they come to me. But what they don't understand that we all sometimes carry bad negative vibes including the people who we want to voodoo or cast a spell on. So for spells to work smoothly cleansing is a MUST specially if you feel someone has cast an evil eye on you or evil spell or evil mojo on you. These Turbo spells include a protection cleansing ritual that I will perform before the spell and after the spell for my client. That's like hitting two birds with one stone really.
  • FREE Fast luck spell :- A free spell cast for you to attract and receive fast luck. And what better way to do it than after the cleaning ritual and during the spell chosen ritual. Clients can choose between Fast Luck or Gamble Luck spell. It's all included for free the only thing I ask and hope you do is that you send me your testimonial regarding these spells.
  • Magical Talisman :- A magical Talisman will be mailed to you, you will be instructed on how to use the item.  There are many ways to use a Talisman and it all depends on Dajinn pact I make with the spirit assigned to help in delivering your desired outcome.

Zodiac jinn Love
price 858USD

Bind a lover through jinn invocations rituals that include a fasting ritual by me. With this spell the target will come to see all the wonderful positivity that's in you and the love kindness energies. This ritual may be looked upon as crazy mix combo of the following spells: "Love Me Now Spell", "Domination Spell", "Do As I Say Spell", "Follow Me Spell", "Success Spell" and more all in one with this zodiac jinn innovation ritual.

After payment you will have to e-mail ( the following:

  • Real names of yourself and the other person.
  • date of birth of yourself and the other person.
  • Mother names of both parties (Optional)

hotSummon jinn lovehot
Price 959USD

A lengthy genie invocation ritual (9days rituals + fasting on your behalf) that aids in bringing any request to life, from gaining the love and admiration of the whole world to even attracting a specific person to love and lust all over you. Be loveable and very desirable and raise your charisma levels. This spell is good for those who seek permanent constant high level success, high respect, fame and love from others. After payment of this item, you will need to mail me:

  • Your Real Birth Name.
  • Your date of birth.
  • Photo of yourself
  • Mother birth name.


hotMen Attractor Spellhot
Price 777USD

This item also available for other gender

A ritual combined with magical talisman that aids in attracting whatever gender you choose, target becomes more desirable to all. Let all the men run after you like a lot dogs hungry to satisfy you and please you. Be it with money, gifts, sex and love and more.

After payment of this item, you will need to mail me:

  • Your Real Birth Name.
  • Your date of birth.
  • Your birth mother firstname.




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