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Does Magic and spells really work?
Short answer: YES! And its our own birth right gift to practice magic, how do you think the pyramids were built, not by human mind only. Our own ancestors have practiced magic, have summoned the spirits also dajinn (Aliens) and magic is not evil its just a mystery science much of it lives in a secrecy world where no real witch would share the knowledge freely to everyone. Magic is very hidden and misunderstood and people most of the time regard things they don't know nor understand as evil. But the truth is we have Magic in the world just like gravity, with the right tools you receive right results.

Q: How long will my spell start working?
A: There is no right time frame for this answer, basically it all depends on the spell type. There are strong spells that results are seen within three days if not hours from the casting hour. Then you have the medium strength which results can be seen within weeks and the weakest spell takes 3 months to manifests. But it's very extremely important to be optimistic and to communicate with me while waiting for your results. Negative thoughts always delays results and even worse kills the spell powers altogether.

Q: What makes a spell strong?
A: A lot of variables really.Starting with having a positive mindset with positive expectations. In my years of experience I found that summoning spirits/jinn/angels/graveyard work/spirit dolls are extremely strong spells but its also dangerous if not done properly and taken the rights steps doing the rituals. Lengthy ritual spells, anything that has been cast for more than 3 days are also strong spells because the intent of the spell caster keeps building up out in the universe and that will change things in our reality faster for sure. Also spells with Talisman and amulets are strong and brings results continuously. All of my spells have a mixtures of the above variables.

Q: Can you cast more than one spell?
A: Ofcourse! I can cast more than one spell per client, I just have to know which spells to cast at what time depending on the moon and the planetary hour.

Q: How do I get a reading from you?
A: After payment of the reading you can email me at spellsbyseba@gmail.com with your order number and questions and I will take it from there.

Q: Can I order a spell to be worked on other people?
A: Yes, a link on that person might be required; by a link I mean their hair, nails, used underwear or clothes or photo. I may also ask for names and date of birth.

Q: How do I know if the spell has worked?
A: You will see your desires manifest in your real life. We advice each client to get a reading before a spell to find out which best spell suits the situation therefore avoiding any failure in achieving the desired outcome.

Q: What happens if I want to order a spell without a reading?
A: Nothing really, you can still order your spell from us if you feel you know what you really need. Readings are ordered when a client wants a 100% successful rate of achieving any desired outcome.

Q: Where do I send the hair strand and stuff?
A: After payment you will receive an email from Mis. Seba with instruction on sending your spell work, we do not pay for your shipping but we always recommend you mail it by express mail so Mis. Seba can start working on it ASAP.

Q: I don't have money but I really need magic help, please help?
A: Sorry! At the moment we don't offer any free services unless it's part of a contest or offer. All the rest spells must be paid for through paypal or western union.

Q:How long will a spell result last for?
A: All of spell by Mis. seba results lasts for a life time unless someone else knows about it and breaks the spells by spiritual means. Thats why its very important to not go around telling your friends you did a spell, you never know!

Q. What is the spell process & how do I order?

A. First, you must choose which spell is right for your situation.  If you cannot decide by reading the descriptions on my website, please email me (spellsbyseba@gmail.com) with your details, and I will work with you to select the best one.
1 - Order your spell by credit or debit card by clicking the paypal button next to the spell you want. Other payment options:

Western Union Payments:
You can send money through western union, payment information can be requested through e-mail. All western union transfers are safe and payments done through western union will be delivered instantly. Which allows Mis. Seba to start your work immediately.
Payment with western union:
Mis. Seba sends you receiver information –> You go to western union to send your payment using the receiver information –> You e-mail Mis. Seba with control number transfer and full name of sender —> Mis. Seba sends notification of picking up the payment and time to start your work!

E-Bank Transfer:
Bank transfers can also be used for clients in Asia, Payment information will be sent  to you, you then can take it to the bank or transfer the payment to mis. Seba e-mail address. This option spells will be cast once the payment is received usually not more than 2days.
Payments through these three options are all safe, some countries are not able to use paypal therefore western union is very much advised and e-bank transfers for same day work start.
2 - I will then be notified of your order via E-mail.  I will email you back as soon as I can with a confirmation.
3 - In the meantime, send me as much of the following information as soon as you can:

  • your name and date of birth
  • your mother real first name
  • names of any other people involved in the spell
  • birthdates of the other people (optional - only if this is known)
  • a brief history of the situation
  • a paragraph or two, in your own words, of the exact desired outcome of your spell casting.

4 - I will select a date for your spell, and confirm this date with you.  Once I cast the spell, the energy will be on its way.
5 - It is crucial that you think positively during the spell casting process to get the best outcome. Even though I am working on your behalf, your thoughts can also be very powerful.  Be cautious of your thoughts and actions during this time and try to be as optimistic about your outcome and the work as you can.
Q. I have seen blogs and message board postings online that talk about certain spell casters being scams or frauds. How can I know for sure which statements are true, and which are fake?
A. In most cases, blogs and message board postings that bad-mouth businesses like psychics, witches, spell casters are put there by competitors. This is usually done by unethical people worried that effective spell casters (like myself!) will take away their business.  These people will fake negative reviews about their competitors, and will try to drive more business to their own sites. And even major corporations like Target, Macy’s and Subway have negative reviews online, posted by people dissatisfied with their service, or products.  This doesn’t mean that Subway is trying to ‘scam’ you, it simply means that one person had a bad experience.  My advice is to go with your gut feeling about a person.  Ask yourself what kind of person you want to work with, and see if their website and emails reflect the type of person you trust.