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heartFirst come first serveheartwaiting list is closedheart PLEASE NOTICE I GET A LARGE NUMBER OF EMAILS DAILY AND REQUESTS. Therefore heartkindlyheart heartbe patientheart and I will only pick clients with whom My JUJU Spirits bring to MEheart
PLESE read through the site before requesting any of my spell casting service. All of my spells are very real and a lot of them are not reversable so PLEASE KEEP THAT IN MINDheartheartheart



I DO NOT BREAK ANY OF MY SPELLS do not ask me to stop a spell after purchasing. ORDER with your own responsibilty.
Are you ready for REAL LIFE MAGICK???
Are you even serious about your desire???
Do you seriously seek to make the one your love under your will and mercy????
BE-CAREFUL and BEWARE this is a powerful BINDING SPELL

that you will need a spell breaker if you don't want your target anymore.
Are you ready for such commitment then by all means please read on:
You know Magick is real. Not only in stories but also in real life too. I have the tools and the experience to turn someone upside down for YOU. I can do this in a powerful way using the most powerful JINNS.


If you don't know who are the jinns then please go and google about them and find out for yourself. For this is not a matter of game or a matter of trick, this is a real life service for the real strong minded client/customer.


Voodoo for eons have been the most powerful magick in this physical reality and not everyone understands why it works or how but guess what? IT DOES WORK and Momma Seba works JINN SPIRITS like no other in this physical reailty.


This package is for the strong minded one.


What is your desire?

heartheartheartYou want to manifest something, have a strong desire baby heartheartheart


It has to be a strong desire if you choose and decide to purchase this VOODOO PACKAGE SPELLS from me. For you are lending my POWER to change that life of yours and change that lover of yours.

This triple strength voodoo package is only SOLD after I consult my Spirits on your behalf. I HAVE THE RIGHT TO DENY HELPING ANYONE WHO I FEEL THIS VOODOO SPELLS WILL BE TOO MUCH ON THEM.

Again this is not for the weak it is for the strong and the strongest of the strong.

Get your lover in line with your heart and let Momma Seba make them like a ring on your finger.

Let them follow you wherever you go, bind this lover to you

<Mentally SPELL BINDING and Spiritually SPELL BINDING>

<Emotionally SPELL BINDING and Sexually SPELL BINDING>

Triple Strength Voodoo Package is for the Strong the Strong the Strong type and kind of LOVE.






  •     Any one who desires controlling and binding elements of love spell.
  •     Anyone who has only names and photos of the target and no links.
  •     Anyone who wants their lover to stop cheating and start staying home.
  •     Anyone who broke up with an ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend for a month or more.
  •     Anyone who knows the ex-lover is seeing someone else.
  •     Anyone who desires and wants their lover to love them more than anything in this world.
  •     Anyone who wants their lover to follow them and think of them 24/7.


What does this triple strenght voodoo package includes?

  •     Open road spells for 7 days: Momma Seba conjures the most powerful Spirits of her JINN army to go and make way for our final goal to manifest, these jinn then go during the conjuration and clear all obestacles standing in the way of our manifestation: SEEN OR UNSEEN OBESTECLES, KNOWN OR UNKNOWN OBESTECLES AND CONUSINESS AND UNCONIUSESS OBESTICALES. 



  •     THINK OF ME 24/7 Spells for 7 days: Momma Seba works on the target mind, getting inside the target head to force the target to think of you 24/7 and to have sweet lovey dovey thoughts of you. 



  •     FOLLOW ME LIKE A DOG Spell for 3 weeks: Momma Seba controls your target like a poppet making the target to full you wherever you go, just wanting to be with you 24/7 



  •     BE IN LOVE NOW Spell for 3 weeks: Momma Seba turns your target upside down with this spell. No more not knowing if he or she loves you, the Spirits will fill their heart and soul with love and love and love and more love for you. 



  •     I BIND THY spell for 7days: Momma Seba will conjure the JINN to bind your target soul with yours. No matter what or where or when, their soul WILL FOR ETERNITY crave only you and desire and act on being with only you.

Other spells that may include in this package:

Since this is a custom spell package, please understand and know that everyone is going through different problems in life. Momma Seba will look into your love problem after payment and see what the spirits are showing her that needs changing in your love problem. Some love cases will include bad-ass breakup spells to make your target leave the useless people they are with and momma Seba will bring the target to you.


So spells that MAY be included in your package are:

    Break 'em the fuck up now spell
Make him faithful spell
Make her faithful spell
Make him horny for me spell
Make her horny for me spell
Shower me with gifts spell
Marry me spell
Stay with me spell
SMell me all you go spell
& others that will be included in your report.


Price of this package: 1,199$

Length of spells to be casted on your behalf: 30days of full casting spell on your problem with the proper spiritual conjuration on your behalf.

How to order this Triple Strength Package?

SINCE Momma Seba will only pick the right case that can handle this type of magick then please send in your request for the triple strength combo spell via emailing with the subject "REAL VOODOO TRIPLE STRENGTH PACKAGE NEEDED" in the email please explain the sitution between you and the target and I will consult my SPIRITS. If I feel for you and your case and feel that the Spirits brought you to me then I will take your case and we can discuss the rest. Please understand this is real work and it takes REAL time from me. I will be praying for THREE WEEKS on your behalf for your problem. So please respect my time and do not contact me if you don't know in your heart of hearts that you NEED this service.

Not everyone will sit down and pray on other people. I DO it proffesionally becouse I find life in Magick and I love manifesting and changing reality. All of my services are real and will bring results. How much results??? It all depends on the degree of the faith you come to me with. I CAN make mountains move and your desire is the WILL that moves my Spirit to work and do our work. It is a two- way street baby so Are you ready for Real Life Magick?