Zodiac Powerful Love Spells

Zodiac spells known to have combination of Magic energies and Astrology


Astrology+Magick = Zodiac Spells


Combine two ancient powerful arts into one science to activate the magical properties of both.



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Astrology gives insight into present/past/future of a person and/or event. It's very powerful to the point of being able to predict future outcome and compatibility with another person. Today Zodiac spells are famous for it being so personalized bringing a long range of personal goals and empowerment.

 Here I offer you these spells, based on your sign let the spiritual plane of your star come to life and enhance your self empowerment. Enjoy the outcome of these spells.

Thank you and best of luck,
Momma Seba


  • Clear negative blockage in your life.
  • Enhance luck and success.
  • Achieve your goals faster.
  • Bring lovers closer.

& much more.

What are Zodiac Spells?

Zodiac spells are very useful, they target your birth date, the planetary hour of your birth date and the year with the elements of your whole spiritual being into a ritual that could lasts up to 14days of prayers at certain timing that matches your birth date with candle magic and talisman personalized on your request (Shipped later to you with instructions on use).


How will Zodiac Spell benefit me?

The art of completely personalizing a spell with your astrology birth sign and the guardian that protects your sign can help clear all negative sources around you, bad karma with past karma too, it can clean all spiritual blockage that you have built up through the years making it much easier to bring light and peaceful blessings into your spiritual plane which will reflect in your reality realm.

Many people like to take all that spiritual cleansing aspect of the Zodiac spell and add it to a magical spell that focuses on a desired request.

With my Zodiac spells, I already include that, I will be working on your sign to clean all the negative blockage that you carry, all the bad  karma, be it past karma or present and I will add to it my special blend of magic spell that will focus entirely on your request to help bring it to life.


What kind of Requests I can add to Zodiac Spells?

Any matter or problem of love, money, protection can be added to your request.


How are the Zodiac Spell casted?

These spells come in three different levels from regular strength to triple strength then to turbo strength. All of these three levels are spiritually enhancing and bring great deal to clients.

Once you choose your spell strength level, write me an email to check on the availability of my altar space for this spell(Spellsbyseba@gmail.com). I will then email you with the payment information if am free to cast this spell on your behalf.

After receiving the payment I will need your real birthname (first and last) and your birthsign. You can also write me your request/problem with the names of the people involved, if its for love for example then just give me the real name of the person involved if any.

I will e-mail you back with confirmation that I've received your request, I'll work on your astrology chart and find all the necessary spell casting and prayers timings and e-mail you the start date of the spell.

From there we will be exchanging e-mails while I update you on your spell ritual, finally I'll e-mail you a video/photo  report of your spell and I'll inform you of shipment date of your magical talisman (if option is chosen). 

What is the difference between these spells strength?

I get asked a lot from clients about the spell strength, it depends on how you look at it. First off these three levels ( Regular, Triple, Turbo) are the same spell, the last two I use more rare herbs and oils to it, plus longer hours of prayers and chanting on the client spell. The Zodiac spell is casted twice for triple strength and thrice for turbo. Some clients feel that they have been carrying a lot of negativity in their life or feel that their situations need that extra attention and these two levels offer that. However all these three levels will bring its best magical properties.


Spell Strength




** To order please e-mail spellsbyseba@gmail.com to book an altar space for your spell & a payment information will be sent to you **



Zodiac spells are empowering. Zodiac spells may help you achieve goals easier. brings people together. win friends. heal evil eye. Control abusive partners. Control lovers. Control your boss. Get a rise. Get a promotion. Make yourself irresistible to the opposite sex. Have your lover love only you. Bring back a lover. Break up and end the relationship. Have a person think lustful erotic thoughts. Enhance passion and love. Summon a lover home. Enhance your chances for success at love. Stop unwanted romantic advances. Help you attract wealthy men. Stop a break up. Stop a lover from traveling. Reconcile with your lover.  And more, you can get a fully customized spell cast for your exact needs. If you have any questions, I can be reached at spellsbyseba@gmail.com