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Thrive in your life with the powerful assistance of herbal Spirits. When I started my magical path and teaching with my great grandfather, he showed me the benefit of herbs and even my grandmother she taught me many secrets of curing illness and dis-ease with the alternative use of spiritual herbal baths and teas medicine.

My first use of a spiritual herbal was at the age of 7. At that time my parents were going through separation in the middle east and so there was so much negative energies around me and my siblings! My wise grandmother took Me and My siblings one by one in the washroom tub, we stood naked there while she poured on us herbal spiritual wash from the wash bucket as she prayed on us to clear all evil eye and evil spirits and clear our bodies/mind/spirit from all that is negative humanly and non humanly!!

I was blessed to grow up in a strong spiritual home, the faith of my elders and their belief in the Godly powers within us all and within all things around us to protect and thrive us in our life journey. Later on in my early adult years I grow up to witness my grandmother curing many things with the use of alternative herbal medicine. She cured her daughter overweight with a tea formula and a herbal soap which I follow and use til date. She even cured my uncle big bust belly with the same tea recipe!!!! And it definitely killed my extra belly anytime I used it. Truly these same people my uncle and aunt did try other things to lose weight including dieting and exercising but with little to no results. Yet when they used my grandmother tea that she prepares for them ahead of time and her soap they lost A LOT and never gained that much EVER!!!!!

I am not here to promote my grandmother work am here to share with you my experience of the powers of herbs magic. Everything in this world has a living Spirit within it including herbs, herbs have spirits or energy signature to each of them. And that is why HERBS MAGIC WORKS ALL THE TIME. Each herb has a known spiritual energy/power/spirits toward a physical life goal/manifestation/condition.

While a lot of people like to use candle magic, many others prefer spiritual bath!! Simply because the bath is done on your body and aura and brings great shift of reality from the very first use. These herbal packages can even be used for floor wash as written in the instruction, you can use these herbs to clean and clear your home or your business. Also you can use it to bless a home floor or business too.

These bath they come with instruction for use and has been blessed on and prayed on my Spirits Altar therefore it comes with my own signature powers. Are you ready to shift your world and yourself. Whatever the goal may be, try a spiritual bath and see your life change as within so without.


This bath is charged and prayed on for 3days conjured the spirits within to clear and remove all negative conditions in one's life; put an end to crossed conditions, removes hexes, curses, evil eye, generational curses and all bad luck and bad juju and evil spirits.

Each bath package comes with instructions on use and e-mail support from mama seba. This package comes with FREE mama Seba Spiritual Protection Oil. You can use this bath for yourself, your family, your home or your business too. This bath will remove all negative spirits and demons alike too, it will take them out of home and out of your life and world AND SO IT IS.

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This bath is charged prayed on and blessed on Mama Altar for money attraction and blessings. The spirits within has been conjured to bring a great change to a thriving good luck and great abundance and increased wealth and prosperity. The spirits of this bath will remove all money blockages and money jinxes while increasing  your luck and open yourself up for more money to flow to you and makes money grow as it stays with you longer.

You can use this bath on yourself, yourfamily, your home as a floor wash to bring money into the home and your business too. The bath comes with instruction and free e-mail support with Mama Seba. You will also receive a free Powerful Money Magnet Oil from Mama Seba.

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