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When ordering Court case spells remember:

The law is not fair, never talk to the police until/and get a lawyer ASAP.

Always communicate with me during the spell work and its important during your spell session that you try your best to stay away from trouble/alcohal/drugs... Since I only use angelic powerful spirits you must therefore be clean spiritual at least for the spell duration (3 to 7days).

Always order these spells ahead of trail time.

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recent courtcase client testimony


Why MAMA SEBA court-case package spell is so successful?

After my 30year of experience in court spells I have built a package that is affordable with 6 powerful voodoo spells that will silence the witnesses/cops against you and make the judge favor you in the final decision. It will open the road for your courtcase to be dropped and charges disappear. It will release any jail time and prisoners. No two courtcase spell packages are alike: after hiring me the spirits will show me what each client court/legal spell needs are. Based on what my Spirits show me I then customize the spells in your package to fit your spiritual and physical needs (No mistakes at all and Success rate is 100% satisfaction guaranteed). 

This combo spells will always differ from case to case, I can tailor the combo spell based on any situation one is facing in the court and the price is very much affordable.

This is serious work and I have worked with clients who had people jailed together we managed to speed up court process and erase the time given completely. Resulting in getting my clients out of jail in NO TIME.

Communication is very important and I understand that at times clients get frustrated with dealing in courts. I will guide you at my best ability and pray on your behalf and I have an extremely very good relationship with powerful Spirits and Jinns that are known to fight hard for those that I favor and work for.

I amazingly make people shut their mouths in court cases even your opponent lawyer I can tie him/her up and even the cops and I am saying this from experience my court case spells are one of the best the very very best.

I also can make the court case delay if we need the extra time, and can prepare roots for you to take to the court and whatever you say you will be hared by the judge, I can let the judge favor you and will never ever leave you alone you will feel my spiritual presence in the court and you will feel the spirits with you too, that I can promise you as a client of mine even the judge wont be able to hold you down. Period.

The courtcase package includes spells:

-Open road spell casted for 9 days on your behalf: to remove all obstacles known and unknown in achieving our final goal, these obstacles be it a jinx, a curse, evil eye and/or negativity surrounding you in this matter in the spiritual world.

-Sweeten judge/authority spell casted for 9 days on your behalf: This spell works the judge to favor you in final and take your side with no any logical explanation.

-Day of the court spell: A spell that conjures my powerful Spirits and Jinn to come-in with you on every court session (Day of court spell : communication between us must remain as you update me with her court days)

-Shut the enemies down -beef-tongue spell-(Bring confusion to your enemies and shut their mouth) check video below.

- Miraculous Judge spell casted for 14days on your behalf: to bring faster miracle on the case and speed your release.

-Win court case spell to get the case thrown out/get out of jail spell.
and others (Depending what the Spirits show me to do)

How much the courtcase package is?

6 spells for the price of 1. Depending on your charges: it is 450usd for small cases and 550usd for big complicated cases.

How to order the courtcase package?

E-mail me for payment information, after the payment copy and paste the below in a new e-mail with the subject “New Client: full name here” and fill the following:

Client full name:
Client goal:
Client date of birth:
Officer names against the client:
Witnesses against the client:
Judge name:
Client lawyer name:
Lawyer against client name:


 I work with names, I will make your lawyer more powerful and give power to his/her words. I will destroy the lawyer against you, and kill every attempt he/she tries on your case. I will make the judge LIKE YOU/FAVOUR YOU/BE KIND TO YOU/FEEL MERCY ON YOU finally the judge will stand with you in any decision taken or made. I will make any officers against you look like silly things who don’t know anything and won’t be able to make sense. Finally I will just put your case upside down until they can’t pin you with any charges and let you go in peace and light. Please do not forget me then, I just need an awesome testimony

Please note courtcase spells are TIME SENSITIVE because we are working to influence more than one person in the matter, courtcase must be casted as soon as possible to build the needed energy for the manifestation release of my client.


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