When can I cast a spell mama?

Hi family,

I get this funny question a lot 😂😂 don't judge me coz I find it funny!! You see I cast spells on a daily basis simply because magic is an important part of my life.

People often come to me wondering when is the best to time to cast a spell? And my answer is always the same: NOW.

I know of a lot of folks follow moon phases and planetary and such, that's fine, I too at times do that when my need is not urgnet. Yet most people who come to me for help have urgent needs. So it's always on spot casting! And that is the right way to do it too.

I have been taught by my elders that magic comes most useful when the need is urgent, that's when the desire is burning inside you with so much power, that power is the key and the fuel for an urgent results.

When people wait and their problems prolongs then the spell itself will take time to work. Take love spells for an example, let's say you sensed some trouble in your marriage and felt your husband distanced from you but you chose to let the problem prolong, you didn't ask the spirits assistance. And so your partner started cheating and left you! Now he is having another woman!!! You then get really angry and decide to take the magical route to fix things and bring him home. Now your choice of spells will be different and more complex.For one another person is in the picture and God only knows if this person is also working magic on your husband! If she did then not only a break up spell is needed, you will now need to get your husband out of her mind or else she may cast a spell on you too and it may start a whole magic war. So many factors to consider!!!

I am all in for magic wars and spiritual warfare baby my spirits can handle it ALL 😆😆😆 but with all honesty, why wait til things get complicated to cast a spell.

It is way better and easier and much cheaper to cast a spell when things are still well or immediately when the boat starts to shake.

I have friends who cast regular love spells and fidelity spells on their spouses at least once every three months. And I have others who cast love spells on their husbands on a weekly basis (YES EVERY WEEK) that's how they keep the man staying in the house and spending all his money in the house and not straying.

You got to take care of yourself my dear, your belongings and your world. Always be up on speed with your needs and your intuition. If you feel you need a change, a magic push then get a spell done and trust that the universe got your back.

Go in with full force. Let your will be done. And so it is.

Stay blessed with all my love,

Mama Seba

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