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Full e-mail psychic reading and spiritual consultations :-
A psychic reading brings clarity to any situation in your life, the reading is done through me channeling the spirits to see all there is to see for you to understand any issue or situation you are going through. 

These readings can be general or specific. Please be clear with your intent from this reading. Once you purchase a reading please e-mail me with 3-4 questions – names – date of birth if possible. All of my readings right now are done through e-mails. I will answer your questions and even tell you future events if I am shown by the spirits.


For spiritual consultations before ordering any spiritual service with me, you may want to purchase a reading to see what is really going on and if there are other factors or other people sending you harmful work or energies. These readings cover spiritual instruction for you to clear such energetic mess. I will via the spirits tell you what you can do from where you are to proceed toward your goal in such matters. 

These spiritual readings can also show us how is the spells you ordered from me or others are working and what state of energy these spells are at the moment. Payment is done through paypal or e-mail me for other payments options

FULL E-mail Reading: 75$ Buy Now


* 4 main questions you ask

(Describe the problem then ask your 4 questions or if you want general reading then ask for general)


*Full detailed reading on the current/past/future state of the issue


*Spiritual instruction and steps that will bring faster light and positive solutions to the situation

*2 Follow up questions for deeper insight


Yes Or No Reading

This is a simple reading answering any question you have with a yes or no answer based on the spiritual insight I recieve from my channeling. This service is simple and direct when you have a direct question to ask.


Yes or No reading. 17$ Buy Now


*Please allow 3-5days to proccess online payments* E-mail money transfers avaliable for Canadians. For all other payment options email

Write me if you have questions and for real fast love spells work contact *Please remember my service is for those who are serious about spells and magick results. I hold limited spaces on my altar and prayer room for new clients as a respect for my Spirits energy. Not everyone that wants to hire me will get a chance to hire me. I pick my clients on first come first serve basis and/or on what the Spirit show me about the client and will only choose to work with people who respect my time and energy and who are very clear of their goals from my spells* Thank you :)

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