Psychic Spiritual Reading

I offer psychic spiritual reading using tarot and angel cards, I also do coffee cup reading and egg spiritual cleansing readings. Here are some of the reading you can order email me for payment information.

All readings are done through the e-mail for 30mins with 3 follow up questions :-

Any questions feel free to ask : SPELLSBYSEBA@GMAIL.COM

Relationship readings:

  1. The Relationship Right Now. This reading will help you understand your relationship at any point in time, identify its plus and minus points and guide you and your partner through the maze of emotions. This reading will show you how and where your relationship is moving now. This reading will cover your relationship and its qualities.    (Price: 47$) Reading will cover your relationship:-

    • It's energy
    • It's communication
    • It's strength
    • It's weakness
    • It's reality
    • It's passion
    • It's key to the future


  2. The Love Test Reading. This reading can be used whether you are in a new relationship or long-term relationship and even still single. It gives you a chance to explore what love means to you or if you want a relationship to work , and how to move forward successfully or find the right partner. (Price: 47$) Reading will cover your relationship:-

    • My love goal
    • What I have to offer
    • What I lack
    • What I don't want in a partner
    • What I do want in a partner
    • The Heart of the matter
    • What I can do to make this work


  3. How You See Each Other Reading. Use this reading to reveal the truth of how you view each other and the relationship. (Price: 47$) Reading will cover your relationship:-

    • How you see your partner
    • How your partner sees you
    • What you want from the relationship
    • What your partner wants from the relationship
    • Where you believe this relationship is going
    • Where your partner believes this relationship is going


Other readings:

  1. Personal General Reading. This is my general psychic reading if you want to find out what the spirits want to tell you about your life at this moment or anything that shows up. 30mins email reading, price 47$
  2. Spiritual State Reading. Find out if you are under any type of spell or curse with this reading, everyone has the right to know if they are spiritually well and sound. If you have been having a rough time in life/love or any other matter and if you think your under a spell of any kind of maybe an evil spirit has attached itself to you then just order this reading and let us find out how is your state spiritually.  If you are under a spell or any psychic/astral attack this reading may reveal your enemy and steps or ways to restore your soul wellness. Price 30$

E-mail me at for payment options or any inquires.


heartFirst come first serveheartwaiting list is closedheart PLEASE NOTICE I GET A LARGE NUMBER OF EMAILS DAILY AND REQUESTS. Therefore heartkindlyheart heartbe patientheart and I will only pick clients with whom My JUJU Spirits bring to MEheart
PLESE read through the site before requesting any of my spell casting service. All of my spells are very real and a lot of them are not reversable so PLEASE KEEP THAT IN MINDheartheartheart



I DO NOT BREAK ANY OF MY SPELLS do not ask me to stop a spell after purchasing. ORDER with your own responsibilty.