Money Voodoo Spirit Doll

The Powerful Money Voodoo Spirit Doll & Gambling Voodoo Spirit Doll
*Real Spirit to work for you*
Only for SERIOUS clients please
Not to be taken lightly at all


This is real juju work please do not take it lightly its not for games, this product comes with a spirit attached to the doll. The doll houses a spirit that has been under contract instructed to bring you money, attract good luck and makes you win at games of chance/gambling.

This doll takes me 3-7days to construct, please I must warn you this doll not to be taken lightly. I will instruct you on using and activating the doll, YOU MUST NOT spoil the spirit inside the doll with gifts. The doll must be thanking ONLY after you receive money or winnings in gambling then you can thank the doll.

This doll must be kept somewhere hidden, NO ONE should see or touch the doll or the magick is gone -please be warned.

The doll in the picture above was sent back from a client who wanted a doll for a regular  gambling strength, the doll worked perfectly for weeks it made her win thousands of dollars at the casino but then she spoiled him and the doll started taking every winning she made back, it also made people get jackpot right after she left the machine so the spirit was playing with her because she pampered him way too much. My client unfortunately spoiled the spirit in this doll with daily offerings she gave the doll many things everyday!!!! Once you spoil a spirit the spirit works less for you so please remember only offer gifts to this type of doll AFTER you receive money/gambling winnings/ or any luck you feel the doll has attracted your way.

Offerings can be through burning incense which comes with the doll, a shot glass of water or rum, a candy..etc small items should be kept with a doll as an offering, even pennies work. Basically you can gift anything to the doll but PLEASE do not spoil the doll and bring it back to me once it stops working I have warned you so please be careful how you treat this doll.

When you first receive this doll you must introduce yourself to the doll, show the doll your bedroom or house. You must understand that there is a spirit inside the doll so treat the doll with respect and treat it the same way you treat a new person entering your house.

You must sleep with the doll for 3-7days and allow your dreams to speak to you about this doll nature. If another person is sharing your bed then you may put the doll inside your pillowcase. After the third or seventh day, take the doll and keep it in a small box, now this is the doll bed put the doll hidden in a place where NO ONE will see it or touch it, so maybe your wardrobe.

This doll will work for you as long as you follow my instruction, money will flow into your life easily. You will never find yourself without money and your gambling luck will also boost. If you are going to use this doll only for gambling then please let me know so I add more gambling talismans and powerful gambling spirit, if you want a general money attraction doll also inform me.

For regular strength money spirit doll allow me 3 days to construct the doll and you must activate it for 3 days only.

For triple strength money spirit doll  allow me 7days to construct the doll and you must activate it for 7 days only.

Every time the spirit in the doll brings you money you must pay the doll, so payments will only start after the activation period.

The spirit in the doll are not harmful, he/she wont hurt you at all the worse that could happen if the spirit is not pleased with you is to take all the money back meaning you can't seem to keep your money. But if you follow my instruction and do not spoil the spirit money will remain with you and keep on flowing to you easily and constantly.

Regular Strength Money Spirit Voodoo Doll $550
for a limited time only this month $450
Includes shipping and handling


Triple Strength Money Spirit Voodoo Doll $850
for a limited time only this month $650
Includes shipping and handling

Triple Strength Money Gambling Spirit Voodoo Doll $1400
for a limited time only this month $1100

Includes shipping and handling

Regular Strength Money Gambling Spirit Voodoo Doll $750
for a limited time only this month $650
Includes shipping and handling

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Money & Wealth Attraction

Triple Money Attraction Package
For a limited time only this month get this package for 350$
Attract wealth and prosperity into your life

1377112613944_wmThis package will help you open your aura to wealth and prosperity, it allows the universe to direct wealth your way and allows you to vibrate your energy in a higher frequency of money attraction energies.

The package comes with instruction, it includes herbal bath packets for you to use 5 days in a row. You will also get wealth attraction lotion and a powerful fixed triple strength mojo bag with also money attraction spray(Not shown in pic) and money attraction oil (Also not shown in pic)

Use the herbal bath for 5 days and use the lotion everyday praying for wealth to come to you. This is a very useful money attraction ritual especially when you feel you need extra things and money to come your way.

Open yourself to wealth this is powerful ritual, not to be taken lightly, must follow instruction and must be kept as a secret and not to tell others to avoid evil eye. Please understand everything is fixed for you to use, so you must put effort and continue your five day bath for full manifestation and change of luck.

This package includes:

5 Day Herbal Money & Wealth Attraction Bath to be used for 5 days, boil a pack in water for 10mins and then add to the bath tub. Soak yourself for 15 to 20minutes while praying for wealth to come your way and see in your mind that you are wealthy.

Wealth Attraction Lotion to be used after the bath and must be applied from bottom going upward chant "Money come to me, I am wealthy for all to see"

Fixed Triple Strength Money Attraction Mojo to be carried with you or hidden in your bag/pocket/on you or even hidden in a place where no one see or touch your mojo bag. You must feed your bag some do it daily and some do it once a week. The more you feed it the stronger it is and the more money you get so put time for this daily. Feeding can start with oil or incenses you can also feed your mojo bag with rum or whiskey while praying "as I feed you, you will feed me and bring money to me thank you" Only give a drop to three drops of oil. NO ONE SHOULD SEE OR TOUCH your mojo bag.

Money Attraction Incense this can be burned any day any time prayer must be said while you light the incense "Money come to me, make me wealthy for all to see"

Money Attraction powder, use on your clothes or hands or even mail box if you do any mail order business. This powder attracts money to wearier.

Money Attraction Spray to be sprayed on you daily or whenever you need extra money, can be sprayed on your wallet..etc

Money Attraction Oil to be used for your mojo bag and also on your self just take a drop behind your ears and wrist, small drop is enough.

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Bring in success and money into your life today
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Are you tired of being the underdog, of always having others have it all while you suffer with nothing.

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Change your destiny to a successful one, make money come to you all the time and attract money wherever you go. It is possible with mis. Seba powerful SUCCESS BOMB SPELL™

This spell is like no other, it is very powerful created by spirits for physical reality success and money attraction purposes.Let me tell you from now that you will never find this spell anywhere else and if you do please don't trust that person. I have been spiritually guided by knowledge of powerful spirits (Dajinn) to create such a thing that brings success and attracts money to ANYONE who posses this bomb ball.




I have had many amazing testimonies from wonderful clients who their heart have guided them to get this powerful SUCCESS BOMB SPELL™.If you decide you need a whole new chapter in your life then give this spell a second glance, it has never left anyone down.

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What does this spell do?
It brings the highest rank of success to your life and it attracts money to you!

When do I get to see results?
This spell is POWERFUL meaning the results are LASTING. After sealing the spiritual contract with my Jinn into this powerful spiritual ball I will ship this ball with instruction to you. Once you follow the instruction then you will see immediate results.

How long will the spell last?
It's permanent unless you break the ball then the contract is gone and the spell is broken too.

Do I get a Jinn in this spell?
Yes however you will not get enslaved jinn, just a jinn which has agreed on my contract to follow you make you successful and attract money to you.

Can I win lottery with this spell?
Please understand this spell will attract money to you, it is linked to a very POWERFUL jinns and they will follow you and bring money to you. Now to ask a jinn to bring you lottery money that is a different case and it is possible.

When will you ship the ball to me?
After payment I will e-mail you the date of your spell once the contract is agreed upon with my jinn this item will be fixed for you and shipped to you asap (3-7days)

How do you do the spiritual contract?
After payment and agreement on your spell, I will fast for 3 days while doing the spell nightly in a row and fixing your ball. Fasting will include me not eating anything that came out of a soul. On 3rd day the Jinn spirits will show themselves and hear my request then I bind the contract to you, burn it and add it in the ball wax it up and seal the deal.