Experince Real Powerful Magick

Experience Real Powerful Magick

Are you ready for REAL LIFE MAGICK???

Are you even serious about your desire???

Do you seriously seek to make the one your love under your will and mercy????

BE-CAREFUL and BEWARE this is a powerful BINDING SPELL

that you will need a spell breaker if you don't want your target anymore.

Are you ready for such commitment then by all means please read on:

You know Magick is real. Not only in stories but also in real life too. I have the tools and the experience to turn someone upside down for YOU. I can do this in a powerful way using the most powerful JINNS.


If you don't know who are the jinns then please go and google about them and find out for yourself. For this is not a matter of game or a matter of trick, this is a real life service for the real strong minded client/customer.


Voodoo for eons have been the most powerful magick in this physical reality and not everyone understands why it works or how but guess what? IT DOES WORK and Momma Seba works JINN SPIRITS like no other in this physical reailty.


This package is for the strong minded one.


What is your desire?

heartheartheartYou want to manifest something, have a strong desire baby heartheartheart


It has to be a strong desire if you choose and decide to purchase this VOODOO PACKAGE SPELLS from me. For you are lending my POWER to change that life of yours and change that lover of yours.

 This triple strength voodoo package is only SOLD after I consult my Spirits on your behalf. I HAVE THE RIGHT TO DENY HELPING ANYONE WHO I FEEL THIS VOODOO SPELLS WILL BE TOO MUCH ON THEM.

Again this is not for the weak it is for the strong and the strongest of the strong.

Get your lover in line with your heart and let Momma Seba make them like a ring on your finger.

Let them follow you wherever you go, bind this lover to you

<Mentally SPELL BINDING and Spiritually SPELL BINDING>

<Emotionally SPELL BINDING and Sexually SPELL BINDING>

Triple Strength Voodoo Package is for the Strong the Strong the Strong type and kind of LOVE.






  •     Any one who desires controlling and binding elements of love spell.
  •     Anyone who has only names and photos of the target and no links.
  •     Anyone who wants their lover to stop cheating and start staying home.
  •     Anyone who broke up with an ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend for a month or more.
  •     Anyone who knows the ex-lover is seeing someone else.
  •     Anyone who desires and wants their lover to love them more than anything in this world.
  •     Anyone who wants their lover to follow them and think of them 24/7.


What does this triple strenght voodoo package includes?

  •     Open road spells for 7 days: Momma Seba conjures the most powerful Spirits of her JINN army to go and make way for our final goal to manifest, these jinn then go during the conjuration and clear all obestacles standing in the way of our manifestation: SEEN OR UNSEEN OBESTECLES, KNOWN OR UNKNOWN OBESTECLES AND CONUSINESS AND UNCONIUSESS OBESTICALES.


  •     THINK OF ME 24/7 Spells for 7 days: Momma Seba works on the target mind, getting inside the target head to force the target to think of you 24/7 and to have sweet lovey dovey thoughts of you.


  •     FOLLOW ME LIKE A DOG Spell for 3 weeks: Momma Seba controls your target like a poppet making the target to full you wherever you go, just wanting to be with you 24/7


  •     BE IN LOVE NOW Spell for 3 weeks: Momma Seba turns your target upside down with this spell. No more not knowing if he or she loves you, the Spirits will fill their heart and soul with love and love and love and more love for you.


  •     I BIND THY spell for 7days: Momma Seba will conjure the JINN to bind your target soul with yours. No matter what or where or when, their soul WILL FOR ETERNITY crave only you and desire and act on being with only you.

Other spells that may include in this package:

Since this is a custom spell package, please understand and know that everyone is going through different problems in life. Momma Seba will look into your love problem after payment and see what the spirits are showing her that needs changing in your love problem. Some love cases will include bad-ass breakup spells to make your target leave the useless people they are with and momma Seba will bring the target to you.


So spells that MAY be included in your package are:

    Break 'em the fuck up now spell
    Make him faithful spell
    Make her faithful spell
    Make him horny for me spell
    Make her horny for me spell
    Shower me with gifts spell
    Marry me spell
    Stay with me spell
    SMell me all you go spell
    & others that will be included in your report.


Price of this package: 1,199$

Length of spells to be casted on your behalf: 30days of full casting spell on your problem with the proper spiritual conjuration on your behalf.

How to order this Triple Strength Package?

SINCE Momma Seba will only pick the right case that can handle this type of magick then please send in your request for the triple strength combo spell via emailing Spellsbyseba@gmail.com with the subject "REAL VOODOO TRIPLE STRENGTH PACKAGE NEEDED" in the email please explain the sitution between you and the target and I will consult my SPIRITS. If I feel for you and your case and feel that the Spirits brought you to me then I will take your case and we can discuss the rest. Please understand this is real work and it takes REAL time from me. I will be praying for THREE WEEKS on your behalf for your problem. So please respect my time and do not contact me if you don't know in your heart of hearts that you NEED this service.

Not everyone will sit down and pray on other people. I DO it proffesionally becouse I find life in Magick and I love manifesting and changing reality. All of my services are real and will bring results. How much results??? It all depends on the degree of the faith you come to me with. I CAN make mountains move and your desire is the WILL that moves my Spirit to work and do our work. It is a two- way street baby so Are you ready for Real Life Magick?




Question: Signs for love spell work

I had a client today e-mailing me and asking me how does she know the love spell she ordered is working and that one of the signs I mentioned has already occurred and is happening to her. Read her e-mail copy below:

Good morning momma Seba,

Thank you for taking the time to answer my e-mails fast, I really appreciate it!
So okay after last week my ex started messaging me even though he is cold and I started seeing my ex name everywhere like you told me it would happen. Today one of my neighbours told me his name is Tom too and also I heard Tom in every three or four music I heard today and the movie I saw it had Tom character!! Eeverywhere I see or hear it is my ex-boyfriend name. It is in my reality already so I know you said this sign means that the spell has started working. I am just worried because he doesn’t show any sign or affection changes toward me. He is still cold, is the spell really working momma?


Okay I e’mailed the client back and asked permission to share her email question with you all through my blog and answer to it for the highest good of all and she was more than happy to do so  That’s why I love you my clients okay so here is my answer to her and anyone else may ever question the how to know a love spell is working!

When I cast spells I make pacts with Spirits to show us (Me and my client) and provide signs that my work has started to work. One of these main signs for returning lost love spells is seeing your ex-boyfriend name and hearing his name everywhere you go and it gets louder as you continue to the results of the spell. This is how my Spirits communicate with my clients.

After I cast a spell it is time for you to support the spell results with the power of your Mind by being positive and having blind faith that the work is done and you must release the spell. When you do that you show the Spirits that you trust the work, you trust me and you trust them and so they trust you with the results 100% visible for you to experince and feel.

For the Spirits to bring you results it takes a little time!

 I hear a lot of you sometimes think that spells work in one day or three days, I don’t know what books have you been all reading *lol* because even with spells first the witch doctor has to find the right Spirits then find the right work then find the right way to do the work and so by the time the spell has touched the target physical body and reality it has been time coming trust me.

I mean whatever problem you came to me for healing and fixing did not take one day to happen so there is no way it will take one day to un-happen.


You need to clear things spiritually first before you see it manifest physically.

If you remain positive you bring it to you faster because you open the channel for new energy to flow into your reality with the positive vibration of your love work vibration -I and Spirit have been signaling frequencies on your behalf to this reality.

And that is truly what magick is. It is a way to make your attraction happen fast and real. And if you already started seeing people around you have the same name as your ex boyfriend love spells work I did, then honey the spell work is already working loud and clear. Have no doubt about it my family.

Now it is your time to ignore your ex boyfriend outside behaviour. Take yourself a time out from his drama and denial of love because he is still being cold and trying to fight the power of my love spell!

It is time for you to just relax and have fun.

Do something that will keep your mind off your ex-boyfriend while you are super sure that the work is working. Why else do you see your ex-boyfriend name pop in television or on radio and even on people as name. The point is you have hired me to send your request out and manifest it in this Universe. 

I did that with the help of Magick and Spirit conjuring and now the Universe is responding to you. Even though you don’t see your ex-boyfriend changing or becoming passionate YET but you see him never the less he is still seeking you out! And also you see his name appear around you wherever you go. So hang in there my sweet sister, your spell is working continue holding on to that seed of faith and do not ignore the signs.

Instead know that the Spirit have heard your heart prayer and are answering you with theirs too. In a week or two he will be running behind you just like he used to just I hope this is what you really wished for <3


Write me if you have questions and for real fast love spells work contact spellsbyseba@gmail.com *Please remember my service is for those who are serious about spells and magick results. I hold limited spaces on my altar and prayer room for new clients as a respect for my Spirits energy. Not everyone that wants to hire me will get a chance to hire me. I pick my clients on first come first serve basis and/or on what the Spirit show me about the client and will only choose to work with people who respect my time and energy and who are very clear of their goals from my spells* Thank you :)

Online Store Now Open

heartFirst come first serveheartwaiting list is closedheart PLEASE NOTICE I GET A LARGE NUMBER OF EMAILS DAILY AND REQUESTS. Therefore heartkindlyheart heartbe patientheart and I will only pick clients with whom My JUJU Spirits bring to MEheart
PLESE read through the site before requesting any of my spell casting service. All of my spells are very real and a lot of them are not reversable so PLEASE KEEP THAT IN MINDheartheartheart



I DO NOT BREAK ANY OF MY SPELLS do not ask me to stop a spell after purchasing. ORDER with your own responsibilty.


Finally we are back and on our way to offer an online option for all those who have been asking about it. Now through our online store you can order affordable spell casting service and even psychic readings. You will receive an e-mail confirmation after purchasing via paypal. 


For all psychic readings and spiritual consultations please allow us 1-2 business days (Weekends are off)

For any spell you purchase through paypal it will be casted with 4-5 business days – You will receive an email from me with the date of your spell being casted and the report will follow you through.

For Canadians please use e-mail bank transfer and the work will be casted on the same or next day.

For all other payment methods such as western union or money gram, the service will also be casted same day of receiving the payment maximum next day.

Happy Manifestations


Our Online Store Includes :-

Psychic Readings

icon_newExtremely powerful custom spells servicesicon_new

icon_newQuick Real Love Spellsicon_new

icon_new Treatment for Food Addiction icon_new

icon_newBreak curses and evil treatmenticon_new

Morocon Love Spells

Protection Spell

Reversing Spell

Shut up Spell

vooDoo Fix Broken Marriage

VooDoo Treatment Spell Package For Broken Marriage Problems

-Please read this whole page before ordering this vooDoo spell treatment package. Use the form below to order this package-

Let Jinns Work Magick For You

  •     Are you having a troublesome marriage?
  •     Is your wife or husband out of control?
  •     Did your wife/husband leave you or threaten to leave you?
  •     Is your wife/husband unfaithful to you? Is he or she talking to other people while they are married to YOU?
  •     Is your partner abusing you?

Whichever problem or trouble you have in your marriage – let this strong African vooDoo treatment FIX it FOREVER!

Conjure strong powerful spiritual forces for THREE months toward any marriage problems, these spirits are super strong and work super fast. Signs will show within 3days and the changes will be completely visible in less than 30days!

This spell package works strong spirits/jinns for 3 months straight – these spirits are assigned to fix your problems, they come to you and get inside your aura -they also get inside your partner aura and work things out. Bring peace, happiness and real love back and also they will bring control back to YOU.

Take charge of your partner heart, let them be under you. Doing what you ask them to and just staying with you peacefully. This spell is very powerful -one reason is the length of this work, for three months the spirits are constantly working for you.

By the end of the third month, your marriage will have everlasting peace and harmony.

This treatment is not for the faint/weak hearted person. Please earful what you wish for, these are spirits who will work on your behalf very hard day in and day out. By the third week your partner will fall sick with cold symptoms so please be warned. These spirits will not cause death at all, this is not the goal of such vooDoo spell treatment. Your partner will get semi cold symptoms thats all. After that you will see with your own eyes the results of the work and what you will see will be the Magick of this powerful VooDoo treatment.

The results of this spell will start showing in the third week and it will continue growing until the third month and from there stays in the same level. This spell is permanent and the results will stay with you, the spirits however after the third week will leave your target/partner aura alone for it has been completely fixed and aligned with our goal.

This is not like any spells you get where you see results for a week or two, this is a permanent spell so please make sure you really want to fix your marriage before you start this vooDoo treatment spell package.

Jinns are very strong spirits and should not be taken lightly, these spirits they will not bother you or even show their face to you or your partner since they have an agreement with me not to show themselves in any form. My only signs are the fever signs so you must communicate with me at lease once or twice a week again this is a MUST and not optional.

This spell is safe but also it is hard to stop this spell so please make sure you really do want to heal and fix your marriage, that is another rule you must follow and promise me this is what you really want. Do not come back to me to make your husband or wife leave you alone for free. That is another job altogether and I don't do any free spells for anyone.

This spell is only for married people, I do not cast this service for lovers or boyfriend and girlfriend for personal reasons. For all other relationships type please e-mail me and I can design you something with jinns too just not for three months!

Regular 2500$
Now 1500$ ONLY
For serious people ONLY

Please read this page fully before requesting to order

If the spirits give me a sign not to work with you, your order will be canceled and your money will be refunded.

I ONLY work with people who are serious and who know what they want. After the order you are not allowed to change any goals you we agreed upon. And also you are not allowed to hire anyone else for three months until my work is done. Please do not waste my time or the spirit work, every will get what they want if you follow my rules and understand what you really wish for will come about as mentioned above.

If you break these rules the spirits will break their agreement with me to fix your problem so please be advised and understand this page well.

How to order this vooDoo spell package?



Bring your ex back 30Days worth it spell

So your ex left you??

No problem, let Momma help you get back your ex in 30days or less.


Blessings my family,

 Heartbreaks are pretty bad and hard to deal with, if you were in a relationship and it didn't work, your lover is gone and you now want that lover back then let me land you a hand and bring him/her back to you in 30days with my signs showing up in 3days of starting this spell. The signs will grow slowly that in 30days your ex will be completely back to you.

 This spell is designed in a safe way and manner, no backfired energy involved or even bad karma if you believe in karma. This is a karma safe treatment package. This treatment is done in 30days, spells will be casted for 30days and even when your ex-lover is back before the end of the 30days period I will still continue the work.

 Nothing makes me more happy than to help lovers unite, a lot of workers hate this type of work simply because dealing with love problems clients is very sensitive in nature. People come to me to bring back their ex-lover or ex-friend, when dealing with someone with a broken heart one must be gentle and positive during the treatment.

 People get their lover back faster when they are positive and when they don't over obsess on the spell, this is a real good advice I am giving you before you even buy any spell to bring a lover you must understand the law of Magick; Positivity and letting go of dwelling in the problem.


A recent client of this treatment package testimony:
"I was facing one of the worst times in my life, my boyfriend left and everything was going wrong for me. I didn't know who or where to turn to I was hopeless I was praying for a miracle. One day out of no where I met this girl through a friend that heard my story and told me she knew someone that could help me. At this point I was ready to try anything. I then got in contact with momma seba and she has turned my life around drastically in a very positive way. She always told me what I had to do and what I should expect from her work and everything she told me to do I followed which then lead to success with her work. Within a month after she started her work on me I started to see changes, he came back to me!!! She is the real deal, she is a true blessing and you can have what you want or need. It's so amazing when you see what you want is coming true. Thank you Momma Seba you have changed my life in the most amazing way.
Anonymous "


 The treatment spells:
This treatment package includes the following work, each casted and prayed on for seven days minimum:

Broken Heart Reversal Spell:
This spell will reverse all negativity between you and your ex, it will also repel people who are against the relationship and it will clear all that negativity away and take any third person against the couple away too.

Come Back To Me Spell:
This spell works on pulling your ex-lover feelings toward you, bringing him/her back to loving you and wanting to be with you and craving you.

Stop New Communication:
This spell will make sure your ex-lover path of communication with other women/men rivals are blocked, your ex-lover wont be able to talk to new people or form a new relationship. Things will not work out with anyone new, the new person will lose interest in your ex so fast which ensure that your ex lover is thinking of you only.

Come & Stay With Me Spell:
This spell is similar with the come back to me, only difference is that this spell will ensure he/she stays with you and remain faithful wanting a strong and honest relationship between you two.


Contact Me and Dream of Me Spell:
Time to work on your ex-lover head to make them think of you 24/7 and dream you in their sleep.

How does this work?
 I work with nature and fire spirits in this treatment package they are gentle yet powerful enough to change your life in 30days. The spells above for this treatment will be casted in seven days each, sometimes the spirits will show me signs and ask me to do more casting on a certain spell. Example: If the spirits show me you have a strong enemy between the two of you and more reversal work is needed then I will recast for another extra seven days.
 Communication is important between me and you (my client) please e-mail me constantly to check on the spirits signs and the progress. Do not worry payment is a one time thing with this treatment additional recasting will be done freely.


How long will this work take?
 30days unless the spirits show me otherwise.


How to make a payment?
 This package treatment is 750$
 Payment can be made through western union/money gram or electronic email bank transfer for Canadian customers.

When do you start the spell if I purchased it?

I start the same day/night of payment or next day if I AM busy.
E-mail spellsbyseba@gmail.com for the payment information.


Do I need DNA links for this treatment?
DNA is optional in here.


Love Attraction Spiritual Package

heartLove Attraction Spiritual Packageheart

Limited time 50% off price this month only 350$ including shipping

to order e-mail Momma Seba at spellsbyseba@gmail.com


Some of the benefit of this package:

  • Attract your soul mate
  • Attract Marriage
  • Attract your twin flame
  • Make people find you more loveable
  • Feel love for yourself
  • Brings sense of worthiness to self
  • Makes your aura spark with love attracting everyone happy around you
  • Brings the aid of the love fairies and invites love spirits to celebrate love in your life
  • Expands the love you receive from the universe
  • Helps you forgive yourself and others with the help of the love fairies and love spirits
  • Transforms your heart and makes it open to love





Introducing our new line of love spiritual product package, created to help those who want the universe to know that they are open to love and ready to attract love. The use of this package will transform your aura and the energies around you, it will increase your self love (Meaning you will have more love and respect for yourself) and it will also make you vibrate on higher frequency of love vibration which will attract love to you wither it be a soul mate or a twin flame.

Bright Blessings Family,

 I am happy to write about this amazing product which came to me from a spirit in one of my astral travels, the spirit that has inspired me to create this package her way. She was indeed full of love and wanted to give love through me to you. Yes this is how powerful this amazing spiritual package is, it has been made with love and under the guardian and care of the love spirit that aided me through the recipe of the herbs I used and the ritual invocation. This package is very beneficial for those who want HEALTHY/STRONG/PASSIONATE/ROMANTIC love. Do not use this package to make a certain person love you! For such a goal you will need to get another product and not this one.

 This package comes complete with instructions, herbal bath packages, rose quartz crystal, love attraction lotion, love attraction soap and oil. If you are ready to meet your soul mate and invite love to your life then trust the divine with this amazing ritual package. It works wonders on clients that they come back to me with so much spark and charisma and a lot of love.

 I know a lot of people are troubled in love area of their life, let the spirits help you and let nature respond to your request of higher positive soul mate love with this ritual package. Not only will you receive love but you will also have so much high respect and good love for yourself too. For me I totally believe this is a very important product right after spiritual cleansing products. Let the spirits connect you with yourself and with your soul mate. Let happiness into your life and just live it peacefully. I know this package is the best love answer you will need for yourself. Let the divine bring love to your inner self and to your life. Many blessings.



Love Attraction Spiritual Package-comes with instructions


This package includes:


7 Days Love Attraction Herbal Bath (No mess, all herbs are sealed perfectly. Boil in hot water for 10 mins then  add to bath tub, sock yourself in water for 20-30mintues while you vision love and passion between you and your unknown lover -IMPORTANT: do not think of a certain someone please!)

Love Attraction Lotion to be used daily while you call out love to you.

Rose Quartz Crystal Charged with intent to be placed under your pillow or carried in your bag may also be placed somewhere close to your front door, to invite and attract love and love fairies in.

Fixed love Attraction Triple Strength Mojo Bag to be carried with you or hidden under your bed, no one must see or touch it, you need to feed it with oil onces a day for 7 days straight then ones a week or every two weeks.

Love Attraction Soap to be used after your seven days bath EVEN if you think you already found your love partner remain using the soap daily specially before any intercourse.

Love Attraction Oil to be worn on your wrist and behind your ears and in your heart area, a drop or two is enough.

Love Attraction Incense to be burned anytime once a day in your bedroom.

To order e-mail spellsbyseba@gmail.com

Dajinn Powerful Magic

Jinns are extremely powerful creatures, they have been mostly widely known in Arab Cultures but never the less these powerful spirits are everywhere around us. They share our living space but we can’t really see them as Allah (God) made them invisible to our naked eye.

However Jinns can see us clearly, they are known to be made out of fire. Fire spirits I would call them. They are also known to go by many names such as dajinn, genie, jini, shadow people and marad.

The devil and demons are other type of creatures and should not be confused by dajinn.

In Islam culture it has been known long before men came to earth that jinns were the living thing on earth. When Allah (God) made men kind (Adam & Eve) and decided to let them live in earth instead of haven, he asked the jinn to share the earth with us and therefore starting a fight between two creatures the seen and the unseen.

Today and even before Islamic history the jinn are useful creatures. They come in handy in summoning magic and spells and can be used for good and also for evil.

The spells that employ dajinns are one of the extremest powerful magical workings not only in Islamic spirituality but in witchcraft as whole.

To capture a powerful jinn is to put the spell caster life in danger specially if the spiritual doctor is not confident or fearful.

I have many years of experience in summoning and employing dajinns but only do it for my serious clients as you get what you really pay for with me.

With dajinn spells you can bring any wish to life, any desire, any lover and anything you actually want.

Breakup Spells


Here is an example one of many Mis. Seba break up work, this one ensures that both party end up fighting while the threaded lemon soar their life. Work done under the great spirit Mitataroon.

Get Breakup spells, Strong Powerful Juju, Break ‘em Up!

Breakup Spells
Separation Spells
Anti love Spells

There are many types of break-up spell work that I offer my clients, please e-mail me with your currant situation and based on your surrounding circumstance I can build a successful spell that will manifest your goal in no time.


Quick Love Bomb Spell

Extreme Powerful Love Bomb

One & the only kind of real powerful Jini contract spells


Quick Powerful love bomb spell are extremely powerful love bombs, they are handily crafted by Momma Seba and you won't be able to find anything like them anywhere with the same formula.

Momma's Seba formula is based on ancient alternative medicine and herbal magic with contract sealing of powerful Dajinn, each of the love bomb created by her comes with full instruction on how to apply the magic in your love life.

These bombs are like no other, they can make your man stay at home more often. Make a lover love you or follow you and even has a little domination spirit in it, the clients love them and can't seem to order enough of them.

How does this spell work?

After choosing your goal and making your payment, Momma Seba will contact you and discuss the goal of your spell (Check the available goals down) or you can also e-mail her directly once a payment is made.

Once the goals are agreed, the spell date will be e-mailed to you and Momma Seba will fix the spell for you and cast it professionally based on the planetary hours and/or spiritual agreement with powerful Dajinn.

Some spells may require 7days casting and some 3days casting. After the final casting date, Momma Seba will prepare 5 or more love bombs and ship them to your address with instruction on use.

These love bombs are so powerful that the results of the spell will remain with you for so long 2years and over, you would be very thankful and surely enough will come back for more goals. We also offer other bomb spells.

The goal list of love bomb spell (You can pick up to two goals per spell):

  • Stay With Me: To make a lover stay with you or stay home more often also to ensure a good relationship and faithfulness.
  • Come Toward Me: to make a person desire you, visit you more often, wanting to see you, spend time with you and have loving feelings toward you.
  • Love Me Dearly: Just as the name says, push a person to love you deeply and truly.
  • Follow Me Like A Dog: Make someone/lover to follow you and favor you among the others.
  • I Am The Boss: This is to control another person, it makes you able to be in control of your target.
  • Lucky Love: Bring luck inside your relationship with this goal, make your relationship/love/marriage lucky in the all matters of life.
  • Romance Me: Make your target sweat for your romance wanting nothing but your sweet lips to kiss.
  • Bee Sweet: Turn your target sweet, kind toward you.


Voodoo Dolls

I fail to impress you and you feel free to abuse me
Voodoo Dolls: Power beyond wildest imaginations

Voodoo doll is an agent, an object of a doll that is made by myself for each client individuality based on the goal of the spell and the desired outcome.

The doll itself is a part of voodoo which is a powerful mystical practice that can bring spectacular gifts and rewards to anyone who believes, who is willing to place his destiny in the hands of great powerful loving spirits who are ready and waiting for help calling.

I prepare this doll using many different aspects and magical ingredients  some of these ingredients are meant to make a person love you, control your target mind, harm your target and even bring healing prosperity to yourself or to your loved one.

The dolls I make are like no other anywhere in the whole universe & there are no two alike. My dolls are made on my main altar, with the help of my many powerful master spirits who are in service of me and my clients. Some of these dolls based on the communication between me and you, I may most likely create the doll with the target link already inside it. It takes me up to 3 hours to create one doll, as I put so much energy into the creation process and invoke the spirits into the doll and bind spirits into contracts working with the doll owner.

Can the doll help bring me back a lost lover?

Yes it may, once you get the doll you should put all faith in the doll and treat it with respect. I have already bind a spirit within the doll to work with you but alas if you wont be respectful than no spirit will bring you anything you desire.

How long will it take for the doll to bring back my ex?

Spiritually speaking there is no time nor space in the spirit world and this can work to your advantage. As long as you work your doll as instructed results can be seen within 3 week max.

Can the doll make a person i desire love me?

Oh yes the doll can be fixed to make another person desire you as much as you tell the doll so.

Can the doll make my husband/wife/boyfriend/girlfriend faithful?

Of-course it can.

Again the doll is very powerful, it comes packed with energy and a spirit is ALREADY attached to the doll through a contract made between me and the spirit. This doll can be used for many reasons, not only for love. But to answer your question yes, it can make anyone remain and stay faithful to you or encourage faithfulness if the person cheats a lot then please mention it to me before making any payments.

I don’t have a lover, but want to find my true love. Can this doll help?

Yes the spirit will match you up with your suitable person.

I am from Middle East and want to be liked and admired from any and everyone. Can you help me with a spell to make all men run behind me like crazy?

Yes, I have many years working with Middle East clients. Four years ago I was working in Sultanate of Oman doing some Islamic magic and spells. I can fix you a doll or a harz that will make men run behind you, I can also fix you oils/perfumes/soaps to make men desire you like no-body business. Email me for product request.

>>> Please notice I can’t put the price of the doll here, different goals and different problems have different prices. I always reply my e-mails at once. E-mail me (spellsbyseba@gmail.com) for Voodoo Doll requests <<<